When To Drink Protein Shakes For Weight loss?


If you ask me that When to drink protein shakes for weight loss. Then I would suggest consuming protein shakes, between meals or after a workout, or before bed. One or two times daily intake of these healthy drinks to get the best result.

Why? just because of fulfilling a never touching excess food challenge. This is very important if you want to lose weight efficiently. In a weight loss diet, finding foods that keep your stomach full for a long time is a challenge.

But protein shakes are drinks that contain essential nutrients. Which not only gives essential nutrients like amino acid, protein, vitamin, etc, it also keeps you full for a long time. As a result, you are free from touching some burgers, coke, and some other unhealthy processed foods.

So here we discuss why the above-mentioned times are best to drink protein shakes, why you drink these shakes and what are the benefits of these drinks.

When To Drink Protein Shakes For Weight Loss and Muscle Gain? 

In short, the answer is “ drink between every meal, breakfast to lunch and lunch to dinner “. And this method is applicable for both men and women who want to lose weight. Why? Let me explain.

Suppose a woman wants to lose her extra belly fat. The biggest challenge she faces will be excess food panic or an empty stomach. This means losing weight requires high nutrient food that helps to keep you full for long. As a result, your body reduces hunger hormone levels called “ghrelin”. So that you are safe from unhealthy snacks like cookies, chocolate, chips in the afternoon, or gap snacks.

Although, it’s proven that healthy protein shakes between meals give sufficient nutrients in your body and also help to avoid excess food eating. If you have a goal for burning fat then definitely try this method, you get the result, which is tested.

Let’s say a person who wants to gain muscles faster and looking for the best after-workout nutrition that boosts their muscle recovery process. In this case, experts suggest consuming protein shakes for faster muscle recovery. And a healthy drink also gives you the necessary nutrients after your hard exercise. Although, a woman can follow this after-workout protein shakes routine for satisfying her hunger in a healthy way.

* Drink protein shakes 15-60 minutes after your workout to boost efficiency*

So these are the right time which is “between meals” or “post-workout” for drinking protein shakes.

Important – Some people may prefer to consume protein shake before bed which is great for faster muscle building. It’s scientifically proven that prescribed medication for muscle growth before bed is less effective than protein shakes before bed. So keep in mind that consuming these healthy drinks before bed is really helpful for muscle gain.

Although, many health gurus also suggest going for casein protein which is a molecule of animal milk. It is effective because of slow digestive compounds that easily absorb and slowly provide protein in your muscles throughout the night. So yes you can choose casein protein shakes before bed which is more effective than supplements. Or you can go for cheese and yogurt which are milk-based foods that are high in casein.

So keep in mind, weight loss requires a satisfying stomach all the time to avoid late-night food panic. And muscle gain requires more protein daily for faster recovery so maintain this drink consumption after a workout and before bed basis.

Best protein shake for weight loss and toning.

When To Drink Protein Shakes For Weight loss

The best protein shake for weight loss, muscle gain, and toning is whey protein, which gives effective results for both men and women if he or she is a non-vegetarian.

Another option is rice protein shakes which are also very effective for weight loss and muscle gain. Both men and women can intake these shakes, a vegetarian option.

Why? let’s check our below details to know more.

A protein shake is a healthy drink or supplement that contains protein for muscle gaining, tissue repairing, healthy hormone-releasing, fat burning, etc. This a popular nutrient drink that is available in Two different forms like powder and plant fruits.  But in general, protein shakes supplement comes in powder form that contains plant-based ingredients, dietary ingredients, natural foods, artificial sweeteners, vitamins, minerals, and some other healthy ingredients, etc.

There are mainly six types of protein shakes or protein powders that are popular.

Whey Protein – 

Slow digestive and quick-absorbing protein powder, best for muscle gaining and muscle strengthening. More Likely, athletes, bodybuilders, and gym trainers preferred these protein powders after their hard workout session. This powder contains milk or dietary compounds as its main ingredients. Besides all other necessary components like vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, and other healthy nutrients. Whey protein powder is a combination of two milky compounds called whey and casein. But the percentage depends on the brand and their product. Consuming A glass of whey protein on a scheduled basis helps to improve your muscle tissues for better muscle building, strengthening, and toning. Moreover, this protein powder is also very helpful for weight loss.

Casein protein – 

Again, it is also a milk-based protein powder where the noticeable ingredient is casein for better health improvement. But here are some facts, casein contains fewer essential amino acids than whey. And it is slow to digest which gives steady nutrition to your body. Although, both are compounds that are found in animal milk and both are excellent for muscle improvement and weight loss also. So if I compare these two milky compounds then it goes like this.

According to the health experts, whey and casein provide an almost similar effect on weight loss. So the effects are almost the same but have some different work types and amino acid levels.

Soy Protein – 

As you can hear, soya means soybean, which is a plant-based food that contains vital nutrients for muscles and weight gain. This soy protein powder is best for weight loss and weight gain also. Every essential nutrient like fat, minerals, vitamin, protein, amino acid, iron, etc you found in this plant-based food. Moreover, soy protein powder has proven that it plays an important role in your fat-burning process. Just because it helps to keep you full for longer, it’s easy to digest, and also the rate of digestion is 3.9gram per hour which is much lesser than whey protein powder.

Pea protein – 

Another plant-based protein extracted from green peas, which is a legume family seed but used as a vegetable in our meal. This peat protein powder contains essential amino acids and other important nutrients, moreover, this powder is a good choice for a vegetarian. Besides that, peat protein powder is an excellent source of iron which is a very essential nutrient for our muscle growth, weight gain, and weight loss also. Vegetarian men and women who want to lose weight definitely go for this option. Although, this powder contains less amino acids level than whey protein powder.

Rice protein –

 Last but not least this is a plant-based vegetarian protein shake with a more flavorful option and tastiness. Although, experts say that brown rice protein powder is best for blood sugar control and for weight loss also. Because brown rice contains higher fiber compounds than other types of rice protein. Which helps your body to increase metabolism level besides decreasing the hunger hormone. As a result, you are safe from excess food panic and easily maintain your weight loss diet plant all day long.

So these are some popular protein powder for weight gain and weight loss. Each protein shake is compatible with both men’s and women’s bodies. But the result is different and the choice is yours.

The conclusion is, whey and casein protein are best for non-vegetarians who want to lose or gain weight. On the other hand, soy, pea, and rice protein shakes are best for vegetarian people.

Note  – Experts suggest consuming whey protein for weight loss and muscle gain. Because it contains higher amino acids which are more effective than others. So for non-vegetarian men or women who want to lose weight or gain muscles they definitely go for whey protein which gives more effective results.

Are Protein Shakes Good For Weight Loss? 

First of all, there is no doubt that protein is essential nutrition that rebuilds muscle tissue, releases toxins, keeps muscles healthy and fit. Which directly impacts our body weight. That’s why health gurus suggest that you intake protein shakes if you want to gain weight or lose belly fat efficiently. So below are some benefits of protein shakes for weight loss.

Reduce hunger hormone level. 

As we mentioned earlier, protein shakes are filled with essential nutrients for our body. Which directly impacts our hormones. It means, high protein shakes after a workout, before bed, or between meals help to reduce your hunger hormone level. As a result, you are free from excess food consumption. Although, it is necessary to maintain a balanced diet when you live in your weight loss period. In this process, protein shakes are the best option to keep your stomach full for a long time. Moreover, studies show that a high protein breakfast helps to reduce excess 130 calorie intake in a day. 

Boost your metabolism level. 

Already discuss that protein shakes help to boost your metabolism level for increasing calorie burning than fat. This process is more effective for muscle gain. Although, high-calorie burning also plays a big role in weight loss. This high metabolic rate gives you the energy to work effectively all day long. If you wish then increase your metabolic rate by doing some exercise regularly. And after workout intake, a glass of protein shake for better muscle recovery and fulfill the hunger needed after a workout. This method efficiently burns your regular calorie intake for better results on your weight loss.

The efficient result on the fat deduction. 

Experts believe that high protein drinks or food help to reduce excess belly fat efficiently. One study shows that a regular intake of 56 grams of whey protein helps to reduce 2.3kg weight after a couple of weeks. Just because everything we discussed previously like low hunger hormone and high metabolic rate. Which impacts your hunger, food choice, and present hormonal levels that promote fullness.

Improve muscles recovery. 

As you mentioned, many times that protein is a compound that helps to improve our muscle mass. And after a hard workout session, your body requires nutrients to fulfill the breakdowns that you release in your gym session. In this case, high protein shakes are a good option to fill your body with necessary nutrients that help to satisfy your body’s needs. After a workout, protein intake helps to improve your muscle loss and recovery. One study shows that regular intake of high protein food efficiently reduces excess belly fat.

FAQS Of When to drink protein shakes for weight loss? 

(Q) When should I drink protein shakes for weight loss? 

Answer -erAs we mentioned earlier, between meals, after a workout, or before bed are some best times to drink protein shakes for efficient weight loss. Just because it helps to keep you full for a long time, reduces excess food panic and also digest very easily and slowly. As a result, you get slow but steady nutrients throughout the night.

(Q) How much protein should I eat a day to lose weight? 

Answer – It depends on your goal or aims to lose weight. But in general, you need to consume protein as per your body weight. Let’s say you target to consume 1 to 2 grams of protein daily. And remember, 1 or 2 grams of protein need to be eaten per kilogram basis. It means, if your weight is 80, you set 1 gram protein per kg, then you need to consume 80gram of protein per day to see effective weight loss results.

(Q) How many times a day should you drink protein shakes to lose weight? 

Answer – In short, one or two times per day is more than enough to drink protein shakes for weight loss. Set a routine to intake one glass of protein shake after a workout and one glass before your bed. Both this time help to give sufficient nutrients to your body. Also, keep you full for a long time. 

(Q) What is the best time to drink protein shakes? 

Answer – Again, between meals, after a workout, and before bed are some best times to drink protein shakes. Set the consumption in two glasses per day. If you exercise daily then one glass after a workout and one glass before bed. If you don’t exercise then one glass after breakfast and one glass before bed to get the best result.

Conclusion: – 

So this is all about the details of When to drink protein shakes for weight loss. Keep in mind, excess consumption of protein also gives some negative impact on your body. So be conscious about that. Another notice is, If you suffer from a serious medical issue then definitely consult with your doctor before drinking these protein shakes. Apart from that everything is fair, beneficial, and easy to consume. Protein shakes definitely boost your weight loss process, if you intake these in the right way and right time. Protein shakes like whey protein are best for non-vegan and white protein powder shakes are the best for vegans who want to lose weight efficiently.  

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