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Vasi yoga is a type of yoga, which was generally practiced by the great yogis. And it was near about three to four thousand years ago. They used to do this for the enlightenment of their soul. This Vasi yoga is also known as the Kriya Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Siddha yoga, Kundalini yoga, Agni yoga, Mauna yoga, etc. People use to do this yoga for getting pure consciousness. There should be no duality. If there is duality then you can’t reach Cakra Sahasrara.  These days the body not only needs to be healthy but also needs to be very energetic. There should be no impurities inside the body. The body should be free of any emotional impurities, mental impurities. These Vasi yoga benefits are numerous.

Vasi yoga benefits
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Vasi yoga comprises of mantras, asanas, cakras and meditation. In this yoga, the kundalini energy gets generated, it gets activated. In this yoga, this energy is very much important. This is a vital part of this yoga technique. Here, the complete focus is on the breathing mechanism. This breathing mechanism includes the supply of oxygen to the various parts of the body. This yoga can heal your body from the inside. Your spirit also gets cleaned up. Therefore, a kind of balance gets developed inside your body. True consciousness of one’s gets developed.

After this, an enlightenment of the soul occurs. This yoga can be considered rejuvenation therapy. This comes under the art of living.  Only a few people use to do this. For getting the complete enlightenment of the body, all the waste materials should be removed from the body. All the waste materials from the body can be removed out by practicing different kinds of asanas.

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Some yogis become very expert in performing this yoga. But they do use the normal nostril for breathing purposes. The exhalation of the air is in the upward direction. It is towards the brain. This practice makes your brain very powerful. You can observe a glow in your face. Your face will become more brighten. Face as well as the body becomes brighten. Your entire body will start glowing. There are different stages in this Vasi yoga.

At first, you need to find the functionality of the Nadi. Those who are expert, they can find out the differences or imbalances among the three Nadis. They are sulumunai, idakalai, and pingalai. A balance between these three Nadis is required. This balance is for making everything to a stable level. This stability is needed for starting any yoga. Nature-wise, all the people are different or unique, or special. There is a difference in the activities inside the body. All these are just because of the imbalance in the three Nadis. Even the body temperature of all the people is not the same. This depends on the Pitham, Vatham, and Kabam. Stability is required for commencing and yoga posture.

Empowerment of the body is done by the asanas- Experts can teach the methods of breathing and the asanas, which all are very much essential to make the body and the respiratory system to a stable position. And also to remove the waste out of the body system. Removal of five types of waste materials is done. They are urine, sweat, gas, motion, and mucous. This procedure will take at least three months. After this duration, the body will get rid of all these waste materials. We can have control over our respiratory system. When the breath is in our control, then only this Vaasi can work on us.

Realization of our self-Only by doing this yoga, we can get the consciousness of ourselves. This will be the true self. One more benefit is associated with this yoga. This is related to your appears. You will look younger. Since all the waste materials will be thrown out of the body, so there will be no extra deposition of muscle in our body and we will look thin and young. This is the reason- why the Siddhars use to live for many years.

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  • Vasi yoga benefits are huge. Already we have discussed some of the benefits in the above paragraphs. Through this yoga, we can get rid of the waste materials from our bodies. Due to this, we look thin and young.
  • This yoga can cause the production of the two hormones in our body. These hormones are serotonin and melatonin. These two hormones are responsible for the stabilization of our body system. All the working systems will get stabled.
  • This is the process of breathing. By this, you can change your mindset up. And through this, you can remove karma and Vasanas from your life. Once all these things get burnt, your soul will become pure. Your soul will become like the eternal truth.
  • Through this yoga, all the imbalances in our body become stable. All the systems present in our body will start functioning properly. All the diseases will be out of our body system. You will become stronger. You will be healthy.  There will be a super glow in our faces and on our bodies. Our brain will start functioning very fast.


The benefits of Vasi yoga are great. But we need to be very careful. There are many precautions that all are required to follow. Otherwise, we need to face the negative impact of this yoga. 

  • We need to start this Vasi yoga under the guidance of an expert only. Otherwise, many serious ill-effects can be faced by us. It may prove to be fatal.
  • This Vasi yoga is not easy for common people. It is very tricky and difficult. Even after getting the experts, then also it is not easy to start this yoga. Finding the real expert is also not an easy task. Most of them are in families. They will not be visible in public easily.  They find the right people and teach this to them. They will extend their hands for teaching this.
  • The entire process is very complicated. It is very difficult to learn even in the first stage. This is full of obstacles.
  • Once you have initiated the process, then you need to be extra careful about your day-to-day activities. If may get down till you don’t follow the traditional regulations.


So if you want to be in a healthy state, if you want to have longevity, then you can start practicing this yoga. Vasi yoga benefits are uncountable. But you need to seek guidance from some experts only.

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