What Foods Are High In Uric Acid? Uric Acid Diet Menu?

Uric Acid Diet Menu.

It’s a very common problem of uric acid now a days. How to uric acid diet menu chart its simple. we saw so many problems in our human body due to over presence of uric acid and gout, such as joint pain and the effect of the kidney, kidney stone, also we feel slow function of the kidney. 

Avoid of protein during uric acid is not necessary. Because it helps for developed our human body. Over purin is the source of uric acid. Its came with some poor foods, those foods has high uric acid, we can avoid those foods by diet plan. Purin is basically an amino acid that gets Excessive in the blood and because which there was a deposit purin in this joint. so basically many regents high alcohol intake, intake of purine rich feeds eating. high purine in your body joint is very painful, basically joint pain, finger joint pain, foot joint pain.

It’s a very common question, how can we reduce the uric acid diet menu chart. There we need to avoid some foods and has some foods which we can eat. Those are bellow-

What kinds of foods we can eat?

1.Liquid foods

Water is the most important liquid for uric acid. We need to drink water as much as possible. because uric acid come out with urine. By its, our kidney kept well. We need to drink water at least 4-6 liter in every day, over the presence of uric acid, can attack on our kidney, kidney stone. If we can follow a wright way of drinking water, it can reduce uric acid from our human body. Water is the best tep uric acid diet menu chart.

Further, you can take coconut water, water with lemon, which can help us from over uric acid. Slight warm water with lemon is very helpful to reduce our uric acid.

We can take also a green tea, it’s very good for health and uric acid. If you can take tea with ginger it can help you. You can take ginger tea a minimum of two time in a day. mind it, your tea will be with out sugar. If you can, take tea without sugar, you can take it as minimum as possible. Green tea and coffee uric acid diet menu chert is good and help low uric acid.

According to some people, you can’t take milk during uric acid, it’s a wrong thinking, you can take it also. But you can take it with out cream.

Uric acid diet menu chart
Uric acid diet plan          Image by Pixabay


Green vegetables has a very important role for our healthy body. We can take some vegetable e.g. onion, garlic, green leaps, bringile, potato, cucumber, locky, radish carrot, etc. further various nut, oats, red braid , (not white braid) etc you can take. vege


Some important fruits which can help us from uric acid. Vitamin c aided fruits is very important. And vitamin c is present in all sour fruits. E.g. orange, amla, papia, cherry, pine apple, water mellon, mango, lichi, apple, etc. boil papaya is very good for uric acid, its can help us for a good stomach.


If you are suffering from uric acid you can take fenugreek with your foods.its also can reduce our uric acid. Fenugreek is best uric acid diet menu. You can take wet fenugreek leap, shall prepared by sink it in a glass of water whole over night. And in early morning you shall drink this water without leap. If you can take it every morning it will be helpful by using it. Fenugreek help us for strong bones, for joint pain etc. further it is very helpful for our well digestion system. 

What foods are high in uric acid and what you will avoid? 

Till now we are describing what we shall eat. Now we will say which foods we need to must be avoid. High purine tipes foods avoid uric acid diet menu chert.  In which food purine rich diet or protein rich diet is mostly present, we need to must be avoid those foods.

Uric Acid Diet Menu
Uric Acid Diet Menu, purine food

1.Non Veg foods

Any type of non veg foods is not good for uric acid. E.g. fish, any type of meat, egg. It can increase your uric acid.


High uric acid diet menu chart alcohol is first. Beer and other alcohol is present in high purine. Beer has increased uric acid levels. Beer and Alcohol is one of the most important factors for increasing your uric acid level. We found it at the age of 40 year or over 40 years people. 

3.Soft drink

Any type of soft drink or soda liquid can increase your uric acid level. And all types of packet foods also can increase your uric acid. Because in every packet of food has some chemical, it’s very harmful for the human body.

4.Red meat

Red meat is also very harmful for our body. it can also increase your uric acid. And also avoid chikan, organ meat.

5.Sweet foods

Talking about uric acid diet menu sweet is not requirementYou will must be depart from sweaty foods. Because it can increase your uric acid very fastly. Honey is also harmful for it.


 You need avoid some vegetables which can increase your uric acid level. Those vegetables are any type of pulses, mushroom, tomato, spinach, lady finger,malia etc. some people loves to eat pulses, but i will suggest you, you must take a appointment with a expert or doctor.

 Further you will avoid cakes, varius loaf. Because these foods has very much east, which can increase uric acid levels in our human body.

7.Less weight

Talking about What Foods Are High In Uric Acid, our thoughts are some foods but human body weight important fact. Which high body weight is uric acid and gout level increase. You need to reduce your weight. Because the presence of fat in the human body is harmful. If you can reduce your fat, it also can reduce your uric acid.

8. Oily foods-and also we need to avoid oily foods.

Excessive  Purin is basically amino acid which  get Excessive in the blood  and bucoush  which thire was diposit purin in this joint  blood,

This is today’s topic uric acid diet menu chart. I think like my content. And thanks.


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