How to top weight gain food? weight gain foods list?

From the ancient period it is one of the most asked query, that how can I increase my weight? So I will discussed today how can we increase our weight. There too many process to increase our weight or maintain our BMI index. Those process could be top weight gain foods, by yoga, by medicine, etc.

Although there have too many processes to control or to increase our weight, but most important and best processes is by eat some important foods. Now I shall discuss those foods which we can eat to increase our weight.

9 best top weight gain food?  

At first I shall discuss those food list which, we can eat. And then I shall discuss a whole day diet plan for increase our weight, whose are suffering from lose weight.


milk is a good source of high protein foods. The most important liquid is milk. Because it is the only liquid where has all important components of foods present, such as(  carbohydrates, protein, fat, and all important minerals) are present there. And we can take it, after breakfast, after launch, after dinner. And the most important time to take it is after dinner. milk is the top weight gain food in your health.

2.Fruits juice 

The most important fruit juice is banana juice. Because there have also all important components are present as milk. As it can give us instant energy, predated long time energy. As the correct time to take milk was after taken heavy foods, but fruits juice or banana juice’s correct time is before the take of heavy foods. So we can take it before breakfast, or at evening, or after dinner. Further, the important fruit juice are sapodilla, protein shake, various nuts, etc.

3.Red carbohydrates foods

The best red carbohydrates foods are red rice, red wholewheat, etc. it’s are one of the most important foods to increase our weight. Because a high percentage of vitamin B is present here. And which helps us very much to increase our top weight gain food. 

4.Fatty foods 

For increase our weight, fat carried a very important role. So there we need to eat fatty foods. But over eating of fatty foods could be harmful. Some important fatty foods are salmon and oily fish, all type of nuts etc.

4. Potatoes 

Potato is one of the most important vegetable to increase our weight. Because in potato carbohydrates is too much present. And there have no negative affect for over eating of potato. So we need to eat it as much as possible. potatoes help in your body’s top weight gain food.  Further various vitamin B aided vegetables which can help us to increase our weight. Those vegetables are red leaf vegetables, tomato, cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, etc. meats

At first I am tailing you that, red foods or vitamin B is most important foods to increase our weight. So red meats is the another important foods. It can help you to increase your muscle, can give you more calories. Although it is very costly but you need to eat it.

6.Dried fruit

Some dried fruit, if u can eat daily basis you will must be beneficial. Those food are various nuts, nuts butter, raisin, peanuts, akhroats, pasta, etc. because a huge calories is present in this foods so these foods are carried very important role to increase our top weight gain food. and dark chocolate is weight gain food, helps our healthy weight gain.

7. Avocado

Avocado has too many fats and extra calories present there. As the mention above I have said that, fat which help us to increase fat in our body. And fat also help us to increase our weight. so avocado is one of the most important fruits to increase our weight. So I will suggest you that, you need to eat it as much as possible.

8. Eggs 

In the yolk of egg, there have too many protein and fat is present. As we know that protein and fat carry very important role to increase our weight. also boiled eggs is the best top weight gain food. So we need to eat yolk aided egg as much as possible.


banana’s best health benefits are to help weight gain. also high-calorie foods. banana and milk added sugar, mixes juice helps high in calories our body.

Weight gain foods list, daily diet plan?

Now I shall discuss a daily diet plan which can help you to increase your weight or to to maintain a healthy weight. Or the BMI index.


As the written above, we need to eat a glass of slight warm water for a good stomach system. Then we will do a 10 to 15-minute long yoga. Then after take a 30-minute rest we will do our breakfast. At first we will took a glass of fruit juice as written above with two to three piece of boil egg. and the we will take red wholewheat breads as much you can eat. Because breakfast is the correct time to eat as much you can. And you can take also vitamin B aided vegetable. such as potato, cauliflower, cabbage Etc. morning breakfast eat calories intake and calories to your diet its good,

top weight gain food
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Now I shall discuss a healthy launch menu. As the above written we will follow vitamin B. so we can take red rice as you can eat, with two or three piece fish or 200-250 red meat saturated fat, or 2 piece of egg. Also you can take vitamin B aided vegetables 100-150 gm and 50 gm any one pulses. And after the launch you can take a glass of milk.

At the evening you can take two to three piece of boil egg with 200 to 250 gm milk.


Now I shall discuss a healthy dinner menu, which you can follow. As breakfast you can’t eat as much. Because it is the time you will must be eat few as you need. You can eat two to three piece of red whole wheat bread or 100-150 gm red rice. With 100-150 gm vitamin B aided vegetables, 1 piece fish/50-100 gm red meat/ 2 piece egg. After the dinner you must be take slight warm milk as much as possible.

That’s all for increase your weight, I tailing you if you can follow this routine or this type of foods. You can increase your weight two to three kg every fort night or every 15 days. How to top weight gain food? weight gain foods list?Thanks for stay with us. Be well, be healthy, take care, bye.


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