Top 10 home remedies for pimples, natural way clean pimples and acne.


The most common thing that almost all the girls look forward to is the remedies for pimples. Not only girl’s even boys are also worried about their pimple problem. So you can consider this problem as a universal problem.  Today’s topic discusses the best top 10 home remedies for pimples. This is one of the skin problems. Many reasons are responsible for this skin condition. The most important is our life-style. We don’t lead a healthy lifestyle. These pimples can make your face ugly. They pop out from the skin and it can make you uncomfortable.

So instead of feeling uncomfortable let’s try to resolve this problem. Due to this, you may lose your confidence level. You may feel down and less confident. Many of you always prefer to stand alone just because of your pimples. But now you can regain all your confidence. At home, there are many procedures or remedies that you can perform. They all are given below-

Top 10 home remedies for pimples

1.Use honey- Honey is very healthy. You can consume it as well as you can put it on your skin. In both ways, you can experience its benefits. It increases the water content level in your skin. It has a soothing effect also. You can directly put or apply on the affected inflammatory areas. The best part is that it is generally anti-allergic for all skin types. It reduces inflammation in the skin.

2.Use Neem- We know has neem is a great benefit of health. also neem beauty face, face pimple, and heir effective role. Neem powder and rose water mix peate help remove for pimple. 1 teaspoon neem powder and 1 teaspoon rose water doing a good mix, apply your face and face pimple, then wesh after 20 minutes. This paste is the best home remedy cream, weekly 3 time use remove your pimple and acne.    

Neem & Curd –1 tsp neem powder and 1 tsp curd/yogurt are mixed. Apply your face pimples properties. This paste reduces acne and pimples, sun tan off the face.

Neem & turmeric- turmeric is home remedies for acne and pimples. neem powder and Untried turmeric mix paste, skin disease, and pimples are very good.

Top 10 home remedies for pimples
Neem & turmeric paste                                               Images by Pixabay

3.Use tea tree oil- tea tree oil is good for pimple removal. But you can’t apply it in the concentrated form. You need to dilute the tea oil before using it. You can dilute it by mixing this with some other oils also. You may mix this with other gels also. In all the combination 4 to 5% of tea tree oil is required to be there for effective result. The concentrated form is very harsh and strong. So avoid in that form.

4.Use of Apple Cider Vinegar- Using this is one of the best and popular methods. But in this case, also, you can’t apply it directly. The direct application may show an adverse effect. Before using it, you need to mix this with some other liquids. The ratio will be 1:3. It means one part will be the apple cider vinegar and three parts will be some other liquid. This mixing caution we always need to keep in mind while using this.

5.Use of Cinnamon and honey paste- Both the ingredients does a miracle in our skin. Both have many benefits. If we are going to use the combination of these two, then again we need to keep their ratios in mind. The ratio should be 1:2. Whatever amount of cinnamon powder we are taking, the exact double amount of honey we need to add. This is the perfect combination. You can apply the paste onto your face as a face pack. Honey can act against the bacteria.

6.Use of Rosemary extract- Oil of Rosemary extract is also effective against pimples. It can kill the bacteria which are responsible for pimples production. Even this oil has antioxidant properties. Due to the presence of these features, this oil becomes a very much popular remedy. A cotton ball can be used for its application. Even cotton buds can be useful. You need to keep this oil on your face for at least a few minutes. After this time you can wash with water.

7.Use of Green teaGreen tea is famous for drinking purposes. But you know its application on the skin is also good. Green tea has antibacterial as well as antioxidant character. First, you need to make tea. Then cool it. If you have the spray bottle, then you can pour the green tea into that bottle. Gently spray the tea over your skin. Otherwise, you can apply this on your face with the help of a cotton bud.

8.Use of Aloe Vera– Everybody knows about Aloe Vera. This is a very common plant. Generally, this is a common plant in houses. Sulfur and Salicylic Acid are present in it. Directly you can take the sap from the plant. Use the sap directly only when you are not having an allergy. It can decrease the redness. It makes the pus dry and subsequently reduces the pain. If you apply this on your face then it gives a soothing effect. You can apply on the pimples only. Otherwise on the entire face also you can apply it. This is one effective remedy from the collection of remedies for pimples. Aloe Vera is the best natural home remedies natural.

9.Use of cucumber-Due to the pimples the skin becomes red. This is itself very painful. For this, you can crush the cucumber and can freeze it. These ice cubes can be put on the affected areas. This will help in the reduction of redness and pain.

10.Use of jojoba oil– using jojoba oil is also very effective. This oil can be extracted from the shrub. But it is always a wise decision not to use this in the concentrated form. It should be mixed with others. You can mix this with other oil or with other gel or with other creams. It acts effectively against pimples. You can apply this on the entire face or you can apply it on the pimples only. In both ways, it will work.

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Dermodoc anti-acne facial kit– Pimples are predominant on the face of the 18 years old girl. But now there is good news for the 18 girls’ derm doc anti-acne facial kit. This kit consists of Salicylic Acid. By using this kit you can get healthy as well as glowing skin. It makes your skin clear. It can improve the quality, texture of the skin. This kit fights against acne. Due to the production of the sebum, the pores on the skin get blocked. This blocked pore form pimple. But now you have the solution.

I discuss Top 10 home remedies for pimples, now If you want your skin to be healthy internally as well as externally, then you need to infuse some general rules into your life. These are given below-

Daily try to take enough amount of water.  water is the best home remedies for pimples. you suffering pimples and acne, par day drink water 5 to 6 liter. Water is very much needed for keeping your skin healthy. But never use toothpaste or lemon juice or baking soda on your skin. These are very harsh. These substances can affect the upper cellular layer of the skin. If you have pimples, then never use coconut oil also. It can increase the problem. In your diet always try to eat less sugary items.  It can raise the glycemic index. Enough sleep is also required. Always try to take adequate sleep.  Exercise increases blood circulation, which can increase the glow of the skin. These tips are mandatory to keep your skin away from any problem.


This is today’s topic Top 10 home remedies for pimples. Pimple is a problem, but you have a solution. thanks 

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