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Surya Mudra is a Sanskrit word. Surya reflects the sun. Mudra is for posture. So altogether, it is the gesture of the hand. This can spread the fire element within our body and removes the earth element from us. This is also well known as the Agni mudra. The point after this name is that it raises the fire element in us. One of the famous positions in yoga is this Surya Mudra. It is done with two fingers. For doing this gesture ring finger and thumbs are required. At first, we need to bend our ring and then join it to the head of the thumbs. This thumb signifies fire. And the ring finger signifies the earth. While practicing this posture, the thumb puts a little pressure over the tip of the ring fingers. This entire gesture symbolizes the removal of the earth element. And this is done by the fire element. Many benefits are connected with this yoga(face). Besides these advantages, it also has few remarkable side effects. Before practice, we also need to find out the side-effects of the Surya Mudra.

Side Effects of Surya Mudra
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How To Do Surya Mudra?

Stepwise procedures are there that we need to do this posture perfectly. First, we need to place ourselves in a comfortable posture. Then we can keep our hands either on the thighs or on the knees. Then shut off the eyes needs to be done. It is followed by deep breathing. Then bending of the ring fingers and joining them with the thumbs. Ring fingers will give little pressure to the thumbs. The other three are kept normally. The applied pressure needs to be only up to the tolerable range. More the pressure more is the fire element. The entire yoga system needs to be done again and again.

Advice Regarding This Mudra.

We need to do this mudra daily. And this needs to be practiced for 30 to 40 minutes. You can do this entirely in one go or you can divide this into three. And at one go you can do it for 10 minutes.  So thrice a day you need to practice. But don’t overdo this. If you do it for a longer duration then there will be an excessive generation of heat in the body. This is not advisable. This excessive heat may lead to some other health issues. So it is always better to practice it only up to the prescribed time. Don’t practice beyond the time limit. Otherwise, you are going to face the side effects of Surya Mudra.

If you are doing yoga for the first time, then you may feel pain while performing this posture but with time all this pain will go away. You will be comfortable doing this.

But besides the benefits, it also carries certain side effects.

Side Effects of Surya Mudra.

  •         This mudra generates a lot of heat in the body. It generally increases the amount of heat in our bodies. So when we have a fever, then we need to miss this Surya Mudra. Otherwise, it can produce too much heat in our bodies. The temperature of our body may get accelerated. And this can give harmful effects on other body organs.
  •         If your bodyweight doesn’t match your age and height, then avoid performing this. Underweight persons need not perform this. The reason is that it may cause more loss of weight in them. There will be a cut-off of your body weight. This is not advisable for them. This is good for those who are overweight. An overweight person can afford to lose weight. This is something on which everyone needs to ponder upon. Otherwise its negative effects, you will face. Before starting anything new you need to gather all information regarding that.
  •         If your fingers or hand are injured, then don’t perform this. If you carry this yoga then it may worsen the entire problem. In injured hands, it is not advisable to perform that yoga. Otherwise, you may suffer for a few more days for that injury.
  •         Whenever you are going to perform this yoga, you need to be very careful about the selection of the place where you want to perform. This mudra produces lots of heat inside our bodies. And if you are performing this in a close place then it may heat your body more. Selection of places is vital, especially in the summer season. The area needs to be airy. So that even in the summer season you can perform this Surya Mudra very comfortably. The best place is the ventilated place. There you will not feel suffocated while performing this yoga posture. Ventilation is a must for this yoga. Otherwise, in hot weather, your body will be heat-up. It may lead to some other problems, some other health-related issues. So choose only the airy and ventilated place only.

Even a few side effects of Surya Mudra are also there. But if we become more conscious then we can easily overcome these side-effects and can enjoy the benefits more. So to experience the amazing benefits of this Surya Mudra, we need to know about the entire procedure and the correct way of performing this.

Along with the side effects of Surya Mudra, it also has benefits. Nobody wants to be overweight. Everyone wants a perfect body. This Surya Mudra is wonderful for losing weight. This yoga is directly connected with body weight. Both things have a direct connection with one another. This yoga can ignite more of the fire element in us. Along with this, it can bring down the earth element in us.

So by doing this, a kind of control is created over hunger and even over the sleep pattern. These things have a deep and direct link with the weight of the body. Even by performing this yoga, we can get control over the amount of cholesterol in our bodies. It can even detoxify our bodies. In all the above ways, it reduces our body weight. So if you want to reduce your weight then start performing this. But if you are underweight, then don’t do this. It will have negative effects on you.

Many people are there who are suffering from thyroid and diabetes. For them, this Surya Mudra is extremely good.


From the above discussion, it is clear that it has lots and lots of benefits. If we practice it regularly, we can experience them. But before starting we need to have all the correct information regarding this yoga. Otherwise, we are going to face the side effects of Surya Mudra. To avoid the above-mentioned side-effects, we need to perform it perfectly and then can enjoy its incredible advantages.

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