Mudras For Losing Weight | 7 yoga Mudra?

Yoga mudras are scientifically proven and spiritually connected with our minds and physiques. Yoga mudras can give you mental satisfaction and provide positive energy throughout your body. So here we discuss a couple of effective mudras for losing weight. Not from today, Yoga mudras follow from centuries by ancient people, who belong to Hindu and Buddhist cultures.

Mudras are hand gesture activities that are a symbol of peace, wellness, and a healthy lifestyle. You can control your mind and emotion by doing yoga mudras. Yoga mudras allow you to control your breath flows and concentration power. Which directly impacts your digestive system and mental calmness. As a result, your body releases more healthy hormones to improve your overall health. As a result, your digestive system improves, metabolism level boosts, appetite controlled, and many more other benefits you get by performing yoga mudras. So below we give the top 6  best yoga mudra that will help to lose weight besides overall wellness. 

Top 6 Yoga Mudras For Losing Weight.

Surya Agni mudra – 

Mudras For Losing Weight
Surya Mudra

The Surya Agni mudra is one of the first best yoga exercises, which you can perform by sitting at your home. This traditional yoga mudra is referred to as a hand gesture activity to improve fire energy in your body. Fire energy means molecules that help to convert food into energy in your body. By performing the exercise your body feels a positive energy flow in the body. Which starts from your finger then mind the throughout your body. By doing this meditation you can actually improve your concentration power and digestive system. Which helps to digest foods more easily than others. As a result, your weight loss diet goes more effectively with the help of a strong digestion system. Performing this exercise is more helpful in the early morning. 

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Kapha-Nashak Mudra-

The tradition of yoga says that the human body has three characteristics, Vayu, Kapha, and Pitta. Vayu refers to the air, on the other hand, Kapha, and Pitta defines fire and earth. Vayu works to flow air through your body to remove excess fat. Pitta the ground of the earth meditation focuses more on digestion and metabolism activity in your body. Where the kepha also works to remove stored fat from your body. So Kapha nashak mudra works to boost your metabolic rate, improve digestion and help to maintain weight positively. This is another great exercise, which you can perform easily living at your comfort. 

Linga Mudra- 

This mudra also defined as linga shiva mudra means meditation which is followed by the Hindu god Mahadev. Linga mudra works to maintain a healthy comparison between positive and negative energy in the human body. Linga shiva mudra is known for its fire element which converts into energy and works to improve your internal organs. 

Vaayan Mudra- 

This mudra is very much connected with the air component. With this air element, energy is generated inside the body. This is extremely good for our nervous system. It improves its efficiency. If we do it regularly and properly then we become more aware of us. It means self-awareness gets increased. We use to get a higher degree of consciousness. With this, we can regulate our body weight. We can easily remove the extra fat from our bodies. This process becomes very effective. For doing this mudra you need to choose an airy place.

It should be ventilated properly. The backbone should be straight. Eyes will be closed. Like this, we need to start this mudra. The index finger and the middle finger will be bent towards your palm. Then this needs to join with the thumb. Little pressure needs to be given. We need to practice this for at least twenty minutes. After regular and proper practice we can get the best result. We need to perform it the everyday. A kind of positive energy forms in our body. This is among the best mudras for losing weight. If we do it regularly then we can see a good result. With this, we can cut down extra weight.

Gayan mudra- 

Mudras For Losing Weight
Gayan Mudra

The name of this mudra inspired by the Sanskrit language, rfere as knowledge. This exercise is a combination of yoga and breathing meditation. This mudra works to improve your concentration power and focus after performing regularly. Moreover, it will also give several health benefits like better sleep, laser-sharp focus on a particular work, maintaining a proper weight, etc. Gayan mudra is known for its fire element which converts into energy and works to improve your internal organs. 

Prana mudra – 

Mudras For Losing Weight
Prana Mudra

The meaning of the word prana is life. Prana mudras indicate the mudras of life. This mudra is the best or you can say, it is superior to other mudras. This mudra is for life. With this mudra, we can generate the energy component in our body. With this energy, the different body parts will function. If the regular and proper practice of this mudra is done then we can activate our root chakras. If these root chakras are activated, then energy can flow without any problem in our bodies. If you add this mudra with the pranayama then you can experience excellent results.

At first, you need to cross your legs and sit on the floor. The back should be straight. Eyes will be closed. This is for better concentration. Both hands should be used. Tops of the thumb finger, ring finger, and small fingers should be joined. We need to be in this position for half an hour. Then only we can experience good results. This is one of the mudras for losing weight.

Along with these mudras, we also need to focus on lifestyle. It has a huge impact on our life. A balanced diet needs to be eaten every day. A balanced diet is highly nutritious. As far as possible sugar all need to be cut down sugar from their life. We all need to do exercise regularly. this will able to bring the fresh air into our body. The body needs to keep in hydration mode. The proper and correct amount of water and other drink we need to have. This helps the body to function properly and perfectly.

FAQS OF Mudras For Losing Weight 

(Q)How long does it take for Mudras to work? 

AnswerAverage all mudras take 40-45 minutes to complete and if you ask how much time it takes to give a result. Then it depends on your regularity. There is no doubt that yoga mudras work a lot since the ancient age. 

(Q)Which asana is best for weight loss? 

AnswerAccording to reviews, Chaturanga Dandasana or Plank pose is the best asana mudra for weight loss. It works to provide a fire element that converts into energy and works to improve your internal organs.

(Q)Which Mudra is for beautiful skin? 

AnswerAccording to reviews, the Bow Pose or Dhanurasana mudra is best for beautiful skin. Because it helps to open your pores to remove dark spots. It provides sufficient blood circulation on your face skin. Which helps to remove rushes, spots, darkness, etc. It also helps to improve your nervous system that glows your skin by promoting young cells.

(Q)How many Mudra we can do in a day? 

Answer2-3 mudras you can do in a day. Moreover, it can easily be performed by any of them. Just need to know what you want. Like face skin glowing, weight loss, improving posture, etc. Just pick some mudras 2-3 to perform every day. 


We all should do these mudras on the regular basis. But if we want to get the best result then along with them we need to focus on the way of our living. The lifestyle of a person affects its body functioning. If you include these two in your life, then your mind will become healthy. You will feel more energetic. And the most important thing, you will able to remove extra fat from your body. So these things should be incorporated into our life. So this is all about the Mudras For Losing Weight. If you have any serious medical issues or physical difficulties then consult with your doctor before performing any mudras.

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