Millet diet chart for weight loss: Millet diet benefits.

In India mainly rice and flour roti are two primary sources of energy. But many people don’t know that Millet is a small seed that is much better than rice and Rotis. And it is also very helpful for fat burning. So here we discuss the Millet diet chart for weight loss.

Why millet is good for weight loss because of its high fiber properties. Which helps to increase the time of your digestion process. And help to keep you far from excess food panic. As a result, you maintain your balanced diet chart to burn belly fat more efficiently.

Millets also contain some other beneficial nutrients like iron, calcium, protein, minerals, etc. So that your body is protected from high blood pressure, depression, stress, bacterias, and other unwanted substances. But the important fact is there are various types of millets available in the Indian market. So which one you should choose for the best result. If you want to know more about the millet and want to know which type is best to add to your diet chart for weight loss then definitely read our full guide below.

Overview of  Millets 

Millets are small-seeded grasses and one of the oldest foods in India. Besides that these small seeds are also found in some other continents like Asia and Africa. But India produces the highest number of millets from other countries. Although, Pearl millet or bajra type millets are mostly found in India than other types.

Reports say that consumption of these healthy foods decreases day by day because of less knowledge about the food. As a result, more processed or refined food like rice and wheat takes a large part of the Indian food market. But in this digital age, many people search, find and gather new, updated, and beneficial information about this food. So in the present situation, a lot of people know the value of millets and also search like you.

Millets are full of beneficial nutrients like iron, calcium, carbohydrates, protein, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals also. But the important component is a fiber that helps to increase the time of your digestion process. It means millets work to keep your stomach full and help to avoid food panic. It is also a very excellent food to maintain a balanced diet.

So these are some short overviews of millet and its history. Still, now you have an idea about this food and its benefits. Now we go through your simple diet chart which you need to follow for efficient weight loss with the help of millets.

Millet diet chart for weight loss.

Millet diet chart for weight loss 

Below we give a gluten-free diet plan which is simple or easy to follow. So dropdown below to know more about the topic.

First, you need to follow:- 

After waking with Empty Stomach, drink one glass of warm water and also add half a piece of lemon juice. Besides, you can also add one tablespoon of basil seeds

Breakfast schedule 

Prepare one bowl of Nachni Satva. Just boiled 1 tbsp of nachni satva by adding these into one cup of milk. Or you can use water instead of milk. And then finish the recipe by adding 1-2 almonds. But don’t add sugar.

Another option is boiled Bajra flour,  jowar flour, onion to make 1 medium-size bowl of Thalipeeth.


Prepare One glass of vegetable and fruit juice. Take a mixture and add 1 fruit, 1 spinach, dudhi, and ginger then mix to start the machine. After that, you can add salt for a better taste.


1 cup of raita or mix vegetables.  Jowar Methi Roti of two pieces. 1 small fresh vegetable and 1 cup of dal.

Or you can go for 1 small bowl of salad with 2 small Methi Roti, ½ cup of Kodra, and 1 cup of fish curry. Or you can go for chicken curry also.


1 small glass of vegetable and fruit juice or Buttermilk


1 cup green tea or 1 small bowl of boiled or roasted chana. Or you can go for 1 small bowl of puffed rice.


Take some foxtail, quinoa,  moong dal, and vegetables to prepare a small bowl of Millet vegetable khichdi, healthy and tasty.

Before sleep: 

1 glass warm water + lemon

How To Eat Millets 

You can boil millets or use dust like flour. Because many people eat this food as a replacement of idlis, dosas, kheer, porridges, etc. As dust you can make millet rotis or bhakris. Besides that, you can also eat millets by mixing in khichdi, upma, soups, and salads also.

So now you know what is the best chart of plan or schedule to eat millets for better weight loss. Now you need to know if this food helps you to reduce excess belly fat. Or is it beneficial to improve your overall health?. If you are not sure then check out the next topic about the benefits of millets.

Benefits of millets: 

Okay now know the best Millet diet chart for weight loss. Although, There is no doubt that millets are an excellent food for weight loss because of their high fiber properties. But the fact is millets also contain some other essential nutrients to improve our overall physiques. So below we give some other benefits that you accept from this nutrient-filled food.

Helps to control diabetes 

Millets contain high fiber components which help to slow down the digestion process. Moreover, millet is considered a low glycaemic index (GI) food. Which helps to release glucose into your blood vessels. So when diabetic patients eat millets, it helps their body to reduce sugar levels in the blood.

Improve heart health 

Millet also helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood to improve your heart health. This reduction happened for two important components called lignans and fiber. Besides, that millet is also an excellent source of magnesium which also helps to reduce blood pressure and muscle stress.

Lower the chance of Cancer 

Research shows that millet helps to pause the spreading of cancer cells. Most Likely the breast cancer and colon cancer are prevented with the help of millet. Just because of fiber and phytonutrients properties that are most commonly found in this food.

Helpful for Celiac Sprue Patients 

Celiac Sprue patients suffered from glut problems which may cause poor digestion system, food habits, etc. But almost every type of millet is gluten-free which helps to improve the digestion system, cholesterol, and energy level in your body. Besides that millet is also very helpful to reduce the spreading of unwanted bacterias in your glut.

Full of Antioxidants 

Antioxidants work very well to detoxify your body, get rid of free radicals, and also improve the immune system in the body. So that millet contains polyphenols, phycocyanins properties. After eating this food these properties work as antioxidants in your body.

Hormonal improvements 

Millets influence the release of progesterone and oxytocin hormone, also called secretion. Although it is important for a woman because millets help to improve their lactation period. Besides that, millets are also very helpful to reduce menstrual cramps, inflammation and boost skin flexibility.

High in calcium content 

Foxtail, bajra, and nachni are rich in calcium that is essential for maintaining your bone health. Eating millets in the form of sprouts helps fight diseases such as osteoporosis and could reduce the risk of fracture.


Reports also say that millets antioxidant properties help to reduce wrinkles, in simple words work as anti-aging properties. Which makes you younger, promotes new cells, and also increases blood circulation in your skin.

Improve brain muscles 

Another excellent benefit of millets is brain improvement because it contains iron which helps to increase oxygen in our brain cells. As a result, our brain protects from free radicals, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. So keep this in your diet to improve brain muscles.

So these are some additional benefits that you get by eating millets regularly or weekly. But the main question is why this food is good for weight loss righty?. If you need to know then definitely check the causes below.

Why are millets good for weight loss? 

Obesity remarks as a chronic disorder that also includes diseases like diabetes, cardiac issues, PCOS, cancer, etc. Reports say that millets, including diet plans, help to kill the cause behind obesity.

As we mentioned earlier, Millet is high in fiber, which helps to slow down the digestion process. As a result, your stomach feels full for several hours. At this time, you don’t feel excess food panic which helps to reduce weight loss more efficiently. With the help of millets, consumption of calorie intake automatically reduces day by day. Besides that high fiber foods also help to maintain a well-balanced diet and boost the fat-burning process. So if you want to lose belly fat faster then add this food to your diet plan to achieve your goal efficiently.

Still, now everything is good about millets. But the truth is millets also have side effects or disadvantages that you need to know before eating this food. What are those? check the below section to know more.

Millets side effects 

Honestly, millets are safe to eat but the fact is nothing really good when you eat any food without any limit. This is the case with millets also. This food has been consumed by many people for several decades. But again without any limitation this food also gives bad effects. Because millets contain thyroid influence hormone called goitrogen. So excess consumption of this food may increase the chances of the thyroid and it may also interfere in iodine uptake in the thyroid gland. If your body decreases the iodine hormones then it may cause several health problems like bad skin, depression, stress, and memory loss. So the truth is, thyroid patients may reduce the amount of this millets consumption, or before eating this food consult with your doctor.

So keep in mind these lines to avoid any damage to your health from millets.

Okay, now we discuss some types and nutrients of this food. 

Types of millets in India 

  1. Sorghum or Jowar
  2. Finger Millet or Ragi
  3. Proso millet or Barre
  4. Pearl Millet or  Bajra
  5. Foxtail millet or Kora or kangni
  6. Barnyard millet or Sanwa or jhangora
  7. Kodo millet or Kodra or arika
  8. Little millet or Samae or kutki

What you accept from Millets: 

It is gluten-free and also Low in calories

High in fiber

Excellent source of vitamins and minerals

Beneficial bioactive compounds

Nutritional properties in Millets: 

Macros: Millets contain approx 12% protein, 15-20% dietary fiber, 68 % carbohydrates, and 2-3 % healthy fat.

Riboflavin, folic acid, Thiamin, and niacin are some important protein components in millets.

Millets also contain minerals like magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron, copper, etc.

Millets contain such strong antioxidants as lignan and phytonutrients both are important for our body.

Different types of millet have unique components that help to improve our overall health. For example, pearl millet has a high percentage of protein compared to finger millet or ragi.

Ragi is well known for its calcium compound. and ragi, one of the first foods that were used as a weaning food.

Kodra or Kodo millet is famous as “diabetic rice” among many people.

FAQS Of Millet diet chart for weight loss.

Which Millet is good for weight loss? 

Answer – As per our research, Pearl Millet is one of the good millets for weight loss. Because it contains fiber, iron, calcium, protein, and other nutrients in higher percentages than other types of millets. So it is an excellent subsidiary of rice or let’s say it is much better than regular rice.

Can you lose weight by eating millet? 

Answer – You can lose weight by eating millets. As doctors suggest overweight people eat high fiber foods like beans, avocado, dried fruits, broccoli, etc. And millets are one of those foods that contain sufficient fibers. These high fiber foods help to reduce food panic by slowing your digestion p[rovcess. ASs a result your stomach feels full for several hours.

Is it OK to eat millet every day? 

Answer – Yes, it is OK to eat millets every day because doctors suggest eating for overweight persons to reduce their excess belly fat. Besides, that millets are glutinous-free and easy to digest food. Besides, it also helps to lose fat by slowing your digestion process. So if you wish then definitely add this item or eat this food regularly to lose some extra belly fat.

How do millets help you lose weight? 

Answer – As we mentioned earlier, millets are high in fiber which helps to increase the time of your digestion process. For that, your stomach feels full for a long time. And you don’t feel like eating by stopping your diet plan. It means millets also help to maintain a healthy diet chart.

Who should avoid Millets? 

Answer – In short, thyroid patients and any other person who has a serious medical issue. Thyroid patients because millets contain thyroid influence hormone that interferes with your thyroid gland. Which is not good for those types of persons who have had thyroid for past years. And for serious medical patients because of their health risk which may describe more in detail your doctor only.

Does millet cause gas? 

Answer – As you know that eating this food in limitation is the best for everyone. But doctor “Husain,” said that excess consumption of this food may cause stomach upset, bloating, and bowel movement also. So it is better to limit the eating of this high fiber food.


So this is all about the Millet diet chart for weight loss. Millet is no doubt an excellent food to eat for burning your excess belly fat. Besides that, it is also very helpful for maintaining a balanced diet plan. Millets are high in fiber so you add this item to your weight loss diet plan. Besides, millets also help you to improve overall health functions like blood pressure, stress, glut problems, brain muscles, etc. But keep in mind, excess consumption of this food may also increase the chances of thyroid or other health risks like stomach upset, constipation, etc. All because this food interferes in the thyroid gland which is not good for thyroid patients. So if you have an issue then it’s better to keep your distance from this food. So we are done. And I hope you know all of your answers about this millet diet chart topic. And also updated yourself by knowing how this food helps you to lose weight. 

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