Is Biryani Bad For Uric Acid?

Is Biryani Bad For Uric Acid?. In short Yes, Biryani is high-calorie food because the recipe contains high reach items like ghee, vanaspati, and red meat which are also body-heating items.

Uric acid doesn’t allow high purine foods such as red meat, ghee, organ meats, etc. And guess what all these items are used in traditional Indian biryani. The recipe of biryani also contains body warming items like ghee, meat, brown rice, etc.

This is a high-calorie and high purine food which may influence the uric acid level in your body. And it may also cause kidney, heart, and bone damage if your uric acid level increases and stays for a long time in your body. So instead of biryani, you can eat white rice with some vegetables, meat, eggs, onions, etc. Actually, you can eat meat but in limited amounts per day.

So now you know Biryani is Bad or Good For Uric Acid. Check below to know more about the uric increasing damage, high and low purine foods, and a lot more.

Overview of Uric Acid

Uric acid is an unwanted substance that is mostly found in our bloodstream. It’s all happened when your body releases a chemical called purines. After its breakdown, your body produces uric acid that is added to your blood flow and goes through the kidney and releases urine from your body.

Below are some related foods that are mostly used in biryani which may cause the increase of uric acid levels in your body.

 First on is Seafood for example salmon, lobster, and sardines, etc.

You need to limit the consumption of Red meat

In uric acid may also influence by Organ meats like liver and kidney

If your uric acid may increasing day by day you need to far from such type of Food and drinks that are high fructose for example corn syrup

Also, keep yourself far from alcoholic drinks such as beer.

Is biryani bad for uric acid

In short Yes, Biryani is high-calorie food because the recipe contains high reach items like ghee, vanaspati, and red meat which are also body-heating items. Did you know that per serving of biryani contains 500 calories which is not pretty good for those who want to maintain a healthy diet or want to lose body fat? Although, research shows that eating white rice which is a high glycemic index food may help to reduce uric acid levels in your body.

Is Biryani Bad For Uric Acid

But biryani contains red meat which is a source of high purine levels and experts suggest avoiding such high purine levels foods that may increase your blood pressure level. Although, if you limit the consumption to about 4 to 6 ounces per day then it would be okay for you.

A high uric acid level may be the reason behind your body damage. You may suffer from Hyperuricemia if your uric acid level increases or stays for a long time in your body. Hyperuricemia is a condition where uric acid goes into a crystal from where the components are attacked in your joints. And it may end with painful arthritis, gout problems,  kidney stones, and other kidney-related problems.

If the uric acid level is not treated properly then it would cause joint, kidney, heart, and bone problems permanently. So keep yourself far from High-Purine Foods some of them we already discuss and some are anchovies, turkey, veal, venison, scallops, trout, etc.

but eggs are low in Purine which may not be issued for uric acid fluctuation. So you can eat eggs with the uric acid levels in the body. Biriyani also contains potatoes which is also a low purine food but not good with biryani. You need to eat these potatoes separately to keep yourself safe from high uric acid levels.

So, in short, some low purine foods are vegetables, onions, potatoes, eggs, bread, pasta, etc. And you need to add these items to your daily meal to keep your uric acid level in control. So goes and try these tips to get the best benefits.


So now you know in detail, Is Biryani Bad For Uric Acid?. Keep in mind uric acid doesn’t allow high-calorie and high purine foods that may cause an increase of uric acid in the body. You can eat meat but not biryani because a lot of items like meat, eggs, ghee, brown rice, etc make the recipe high in purine food. Although, you can eat meat on a limited basis per day to keep your uric acid level in control. Moreover, not biryani you also need to keep far from such high purine foods like salmon, beef, organ meats, etc.

Otherwise, uric acid increases will definitely damage your internal health. So keep in diet, keep a distance from high purine foods and stay safe.  

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