What Cause Of Pimple? How To Remove Pimples and marks From The Face?

How to remove pimples from the face? This is the common question that always runs in the mind of the entire teenager. This is a curse for adolescence. This problem starts generally from the age of 10 to 14. This is the time age of puberty. The people who are having oily skin are likely to get affected by this problem. Not only the girls, but boys also face this problem. Nearly everyone suffers from this problem. There are many places where it can outburst like the chest, neck, shoulders, and arms. But the most common place where you can observe these pimples in the face. 

On our skin, we have oil glands or sebaceous glands. They secrete oil. On our skin, we have tiny pores. These pores are for the hair follicles. During puberty, these sebaceous glands become activated. So, they start releasing oil in high amounts, and thus the pores get clogged. If the size of the pore is big, then the blocking of this will lead to the formation of big blackheads. If it is small in size then whiteheads are formed. Whether it is large blackheads or small whiteheads, both look ugly. In both, the types of clogging pimples are formed. So the question- how to remove pimples from the face is normal for teenagers.

how to remove pimples from the face
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what cause of pimple?

Before knowing about the remedies for pimples we should know their cause. Some of them are discussed below-

1.Hormonal cause

High hormone production is one of the major causes. In both males and females, during puberty, testosterone is produced in very high quantities. This is the male sex hormone. Due to the overproduction of testosterone, the oil (which is known as sebum) also starts releasing in a high amount from the sebaceous gland.

2.Dietary cause

Sometimes carbohydrate-rich foods like carbonated drinks, sugar, white bread, white rice can cause the breakouts of the skin. As a result of this pimples are formed. Glucose in the blood is the main cause. If the amount of glucose is high, it means the glycemic index is high.

3.Active sebaceous gland

If this gland acts actively, then it will lead to more production of the oil. This oil will block the pores which are present on the skin. This clogging leads to the formation of the ugly pus-stuffed pimples.

4.Microbial cause

There is some kinds of bacteria that are also responsible for pimples. They remain at the lower end of the hair follicle. They cause breakouts on the skin.

4.Defensive response

Due to allergies or some other infections or external or internal reasons skin may produce some defensive response. It can cause a certain type of inflammatory reaction. One of the inflammatory reactions is pimples. Due to the above-mentioned reasons, teenagers are always in search of the solution of- how to remove pimples from the face in Google.

 how to remove pimples from the face?

There are many remedies to this problem. Let’s discuss a few home remedies.

1.By using apple cider vinegar

Many things are present in it such as succinic acid, lactic acid, and acetic acid. All these substances are having the properties of killing the bacteria which are responsible for the production of the pimples on the skin. One thing keeps in mind that never uses apple cider vinegar directly onto your skin.  Always dilute it first before using it. You can apply this solution to the affected areas with the help of cotton balls. For a few minutes let it be dried. Then with the help of cold water, you can wash your face. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer.  If you want to experience the best result, then use this solution daily.

2.By using honey along with cinnamon

The combination of honey and cinnamon does a wonder on the skin. Honey can kill the bacteria. Cinnamon can cure your skin of any kind of inflammation. For one time use take half tea-spoon cinnamon powder and two spoons of honey. By using these two ingredients you need to make a paste. Put this paste on the pimples and then let the paste dry there. With the help of Lukewarm water washes your face. For getting the best result you need to do this daily. So whenever you think of- how to remove pimples from your face, you can use this natural remedy.

3.By using tea tree oil

Whether you have larger blackheads or smaller whiteheads, this tea tree oil treatment is very effective. This oil has many properties. It can stop bacterial action as well as act effectively against any inflammatory reaction. Just be sure before using this oil that you are not allergic to this. You need to add a few drops of this oil in 12 to 15 drops of jojoba oil. Wherever you have the pimples just put this mixture of oils there only. This is the spot treatment method. Use this combination regularly. But again don’t forget to use some good moisturizer cream after using this treatment.

4.Cold treatment

In this cold treatment, you need ice cubes. This is very much effective against the big blackheads. Under the skin blood vessels are there and if you rub ice cubes on your skin then the blood vessels get constricted. This in return will reduce the size of the pores. You need to directly place the ice cube over the pimple. Let it be there for at least 2 to 3 minutes. In a day you can repeat this method twice.

 5.Using garlic

This has an antiseptic property. If you combine this with a hydrating agent such as Aloe Vera then it becomes the best cream against pimples. Aloe Vera can hydrate your skin perfectly. This combination can remove all the toxic materials from the skin. This garlic can act against bacteria. They both treat the skin very fast. First, you need to make a paste of garlic. Then in this add Aloe Vera gel. The next step is the application of this paste on the skin. Let it be on the skin untouched for 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash your face with warm water. You need to continue this remedy until your pimple will go away. So now you have many answers to the question –How to remove pimples from the face? Choose whatever suits you the best.


You can apply any one of the above-mentioned ways if once you get the problem. But there are few general precautions that you can follow always to avoid the problem. Every day you need to drink eight glasses of water. If you give a sufficient amount of water to your body then your skin will remain hydrated all the time. By this, you can avoid the dryness of the skin. So in return, less oil will be secreted. Now teenagers you must have the complete answer to the post painful question- how to remove pimples from the face?

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