How many dates to eat day to gain weight Diet Plan?

If you ask, how many dates to eat day to gain weight, then a simple answer is 5-6 dates per day is more than enough to take some quick nutrition from dates (experts suggest). As dates are a good source of fiber, iron and natural sugar, it has the potential to gain some sort of weight by consuming a small number of dates.

But keep in mind, every food has some advantages and disadvantages, so you need to know the best time to eat dates on a per-day basis. Because dates are high in fiber, which takes time to digest in your stomach, which may not be very good for some situations. So what’s you do now?

Don’t think much, because this is the reason we write this article to inform you and answer all of your questions about how many dates to eat per day to gain weight guide.

How many dates to eat day to gain weight
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How Many Dates To Eat Day To Gain Weight?

I hope you got your answer about how many dates you eat per day to gain weight. So below are the best time for eating dates, their benefits, and some rules that you need to follow before eating these fruits.

Best Time To Eat Dates For Weight Gain

Basically eat dates when you are hungry because after eating food when you are hungry, the body works well to digest the food. On the other hand, eating foods without hunger may cause poor digestion. Although there are some case studies available that show, the human body quickly releases the digestion enzyme while food touches your mouth.

But still, there are some rules to gain weight or lose weight. So below are the time and process, which you can follow to eat dates per day for weight gain or weight loss.

Breakfast time

Morning is an excellent time to eat high-fiber foods that keep you full all day long. For that, dates are very helpful, because they contain high fiber and natural sugar components that give a kick start to your early morning nutrition.

Afternoon snacks 

the combination of fiber and natural sugar keep you energized after a long day’s hustle. Although it’s important to consume nutrient food, dark light is coming, because at night the human body works slower than daylight. So eat this high fiber food in the afternoon to pass the energy through your cells.

Your hunger time 

When you are hungry but don’t have any ready food near you, this time take some dates to give your body calories, protein, and fiber. Moreover, some peanut butter with chopped dates also a good source of nutrition.

Before exercise 

Dates contain healthy sugar, that doesn’t mean it increases the blood sugar level in your blood. Rather than dates provide low carb and high calories to fuel your body cells that make your workout more efficient. So try to consume these dates 30-60 minutes before exercise.

Night snacks 

Many people have a bad habit of eating food at midnight. This happened because of less fiber food that doesn’t fill your stomach properly. But a high fiber date helps to keep you full after consuming some amount of it.

So these are the best times to eat dates for weight gain and weight loss. But if you asked how many dates to eat per day to gain weight, then experts suggest going for 5-6 dates per day (more than enough to gain some extra weight). This amount fulfills your excess hunger and some sort of nutrition. So, try to chop the dates and spread them on salad or dessert to get the best result. Remember any excess food eating causes weight gain, moreover dates also contain iron, fiber, and sugar. Although, 70% of the weight comes from sugar.

But if you ask, how many dates to eat per day for weight loss, then health gurus suggest, 3-5 dates per day is more enough, if you try to lose weight. As mentioned, dates contain natural sugar, it’s healthy but excess eating may cause an increase in weight.

So these are some rules and time to eat dates every day but you also need to know that when you avoid this fruit. So below are the followings.

Though your body can digest food whenever you need it to, there are a few situations in which eating dates isn’t the best idea (8Trusted Source, 9Trusted Source, 10Trusted Source):

How many dates to eat day to gain weight
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As mentioned, whenever you try to eat, your body gets ready to digest them but still there is some particular time to avoid dates.

Dates nutrition:-

First, let me tell you that dates are well known for their high fiber and sugar components. This nutritious fruit is consumed all around the world to get numerous health benefits. Although dates are found in different varieties, the most popular of them are Medjool and Deglet Noor dates. You need to know that 100 gram of dates contain the following nutritions in daily valuation:-


  •       Calories: 282
  •       8 grams Fiber
  •       10% of Magnesium:
  •       23% of Copper
  •       6% of Selenium
  •       10% of Vitamin B6
  •       6% of Folate
  •       64 grams Sugar
  •       2.5 grams of Protein
  •       75 grams Carbs
  •       3% of Calcium
  •       6% of Iron
  •       14% of Potassium

These fruits are small so that you can consume more fiber, and natural sugar on a daily basis.  

Avoid this time to eat dates –

IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome) 

If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome then it’s better to avoid these fruits. Because dates contain small chains of carbs or it is a source of fructose which may not be very good for those patients who have poor digestion systems. So try to avoid dates in this period otherwise the problem goes worse.

If you are full 

when you consume such large food or if your stomach is full then it’s better to avoid dates this time. High fiber food keeps you full and keeps you far from excess food panic. On the other hand, these fruits also take time to digest, so if you consume them after a large amount then you feel comfortable or extremely full.

Allergenic issue 

It’s rare but happened. Some people experience allergies after consuming some amount of dates. So if you feel the same thing then avoid these dates.

Diarrhea patients 

Same as bowel problems, where your digestive system is weak to absorb these high fiber foods. Moreover, dates contain a component called sorbitol, it is a sugar alcohol that promotes bowel movements, which is not very good for you. So if you suffer from this digestion issue, it’s better to avoid these high fiber fruits.

From all of that, honestly, anytime you can eat dates to give your body some extra and quick nutrition. You can consume it in breakfast or in afternoon snacks. So there is no bad time for eating dates.


ok, these are all answers about how many dates to eat day to gain weight. Although dates are a good source of high fiber and help to keep you full to avoid excess food panic. But still, it doesn’t mean that you eat these fruits as per your choice. if this happens, it causes an increase in excess weight. And also remember the points about which time you about these dates. ok, that’s all, so go and eat the recommended amount of dates per day to gain weight or lose weight. And I hope you got all of your answers about these dates and the eating process.

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