High Protein Breakfast Vegetarian For Weight Loss.


Below are the top 30 list of high protein breakfast vegetarian for weight loss. All the dishes are high in fiber which slows down your digestion process to avoid excess food panic. As a result, you feel full of the stomach which helps to lose weight.

High protein breakfast for vegetarians must be egg, meat, and fish-free. That’s why we prepare a list of High protein breakfasts that contain essential nutrients to fulfill your daily requirements besides fat burning. S just go and check the list to know more.

List Of High Protein Breakfast Vegetarian For Weight Loss.

high protein breakfast vegetarian for weight loss


Any person who wants to lose weight needs to consume fiber-filled foods which are known for slow digestion. And oats are an excellent source of fiber that keeps your stomach full for a long time. Besides that, oats also release carbs that digest slowly. Experts suggest eating these slow digestive foods before exercise, it will help you to burn more calories. Although, you know about the food and many people all over the world prefer oats as a healthy breakfast.

2. Moong dal chilla

This is one of the most common High protein vegetarian breakfasts for weight loss. Moong dal is another high fiber food and also low in calories which helps to slow down your digestion process. As a result, your stomach doesn’t panic about excess food. Making the process of moong dal chilla is also very easy. Just serve this delicious food with paneer and greens for more healthy nutrition. Did you know that one cup of moong dal is more than enough to fulfill your regular fiber needs? Lastly this moong dal is excellent protein source food for every vegetarian.

3. Poha

Now comes another delicious food poha, high in fiber, low in calories and both are essential for losing belly fat efficiently. Besides that, poha also contains protein, minerals, vitamins, and other healthy nutrition. So this is an excellent High protein breakfast for every vegetarian. Just ready a small bowl of poha and add some curry leaves for healthy nutrition. But don’t add peanuts, it may not be good for weight loss.

4. Daliya

Khichdi of Dalia is a very popular food in India, most men and women eat this food in the winter season mostly. Daliya contains weight and hunger controlling hormones that help to limit your food panic. Besides that daliya is also a very good protein source for vegetarians. With dalia you can make a variety of delicious food like khichdi, polaou, Dalia upma etc.

5. High protein Sprouts

Sprouts are small plants that have enough nutrients to fulfill your daily requirements of protein. Take a small amount of this food and intake regularly for a healthy veggie breakfast.

6. Tofu

For every vegan tofu scramble is an excellent source of protein food instead of eggs. Moreover, tofu scrambles almost taste like eggs. Approx 13g of protein you get from 1 ounce of tofu. Besides that, tofu also helps to lose weight, feels full, and has other healthy nutrients like calcium, omega 3, vitamin etc.

7. Strawberry cake

No one can deny eating cakes every day. So take a small piece of homemade strawberry cake to get the best health benefits like vitamin-C, immune boost, improve blood pressure, good skin tone etc. Along strawberries also responsible for increasing two fat-burning hormones, adiponectin and leptin.

8. Blueberry shake

For vegetarians fruit shakes are a common source of protein, although it’s important to consume every possible protein source regularly. For that, Blueberry shake comes up first to fulfill a vegan’s requirement. Blueberries contain high nutrients but low in calories and also help to keep your stomach full. Besides that consuming blueberry snakes in the morning keeps you energized for all day long because this fruit is an excellent source of antioxidants.

9. Chickpeas

If you are looking for a low-budget High protein breakfast that helps to burn fat. Then a small bowl of Chickpeas scramble is an ideal choice for you. No doubt, Chickpea is an excellent source of protein and other beneficial nutrients. Besides weight loss, Regular intake of this food also helps to lower the chance of heart disease, cancer, etc.

10. Chocolate Cereal

Want to eat high protein superfood in your breakfast then definitely try Chocolate Cereal. Cocoa Cereal is well known for low-carb and zero-sugar food. It is also an important dish that is mostly used in the keto diet for weight loss. Most importantly, it is a quickly made dish for every vegan that gives numerous health benefits besides weight loss.

11. Oatmeal with blueberry and almond topping

In the early morning, Warm oatmeal with blueberry and almond toppings help to refresh your mood efficiently. It is a perfect high-protein breakfast for every vegan. All three foods not only keep your stomach full but it is also a very powerful dish to maintain a healthy physique.

12. Chocolate muffin

Besides strawberry cake, Chocolate muffins are also very good dishes for losing some extra weight. This is a dish that is filled with cocoa which gives numerous health benefits because it contains antioxidants. And yes it’s scientifically proven that regular intake of Chocolate muffin helps to maintain a weight loss diet.

13. Avocado toast with black beans topping

Avocado is another great food with lots of healthy nutrients for vegetarians. So ready some brown bread and avocado toast and serve with black beans topping. It is easy to make and also gives enough protein for a day. Avocado toast is an excellent superfood that contains fiber, vitamins, minerals etc and also very good for weight loss. So if you are looking for High protein breakfast then definitely add this dish to your list.

14. Oats smoothie with chopped apples topping

When talking about fruits then apple comes up on top of the list for overall health benefits and weight loss also. Although, it is already proven that regular consumption of apples keep you far from a doctor’s clinic. But many people get bored by eating these fruits. So make these tastier, you can add apple toppings in a healthy oats smoothie. As a result you got a healthy protein breakfast with converting yourself into a nonvegetarian.

15. Banana bread

Banana is another excellent fruit with potassium, natural sugar, and other healthy nutrients. And I guess no one can deny eating such a healthy bread banana dish. More importantly, if you live on a weight loss diet then this dish must be your top priority for a healthy protein breakfast. Moreover, banana bread is also very good for overall health improvement.

16. Sweet potatoes

Besides banana bread, you can also go for the sweet potato bread option. Which is also a very delicious and healthy breakfast for every morning. Variety of recipes you can make with potato and bread but one most common recipe is, two bread with some chopped potatoes, blackberry toppings and some mustard sauce for better taste. This dish is more than enough for High protein breakfast.

17. English muffin

Although, we already mention adding muffins to your High protein breakfast list. But it is a little bit different because it is an English muffin that doesn’t contain flour. This dish requires less than five minutes to ready. And besides your weight loss, English muffins are also very good for heart improvement. So just go and cook some muffins to consume a healthy protein-filled breakfast.

18. Blueberry jam

If you want to make your muffin more delicious then try this jam spread some spoon amount on the muffin. Both are healthy high protein foods for every veggie. Although, Blueberry jam needs some time to make, so prepare this jam before night and eat a small amount every day or one day.

19. Burrito

It is another quickly made dish for a High protein breakfast. One or two burritos is more than enough for a person who wants to lose some extra fat from their belly. burritos is a healthy dish because it has avocado, vegetables, tofu, beans, etc. It means all the nutrients in one food. So go to your kitchen and prepare some burritos for a healthy breakfast.

20. Yogurt with Cashew toppings

Besides smoothie Cashew Yoghurt is another mood refreshing drink for every vegetarian. It takes less than a minute to prepare but has a lot of nutrients in it. This healthy drink keeps your stomach full for several hours and also gives energy to your cells to work more efficiently. So just go and ready this high-protein drink to make your breakfast healthy and sugar-free.

21. Zunichi brownies

Want to eat tasty protein breakfast then brownies are an ideal option for you. Zunichi brownies contain chocolate which is responsible for good cholesterol, antioxidants and also reduces inflammation. Although, dark chocolates are more beneficial for weight loss so try to make your brownies with these types.

21. Granola

Homemade coffee granola is a delicious high protein food for your breakfast. If you are a coffee lover then definitely this is the food only for you. It is low digestive food but comparatively high in calories so make your consumption within the limit. But one small bowl of coffee granola is a safe and healthy dish for weight loss. But excess eating of this dish will definitely give opposite reactions like weight gain, heart disease, etc.

22. Brownie butter oats

This another High protein breakfast for vegetarians, who want to lose some extra belly fat. All these food-filled fibers slow down your digestion process. And also it is a very healthy dish that takes less than 10 minutes to prepare. Just mix two chocolate brownies with oats, milk and serve with banana slices, your protein-filled dish is ready.

23. Cheese with veggie cream

If you are ready to go to the office and need a less than minute dish then Cheese with veggie cream spread is an excellent option for you. Just take two small cheese slices and spread it with veggie cream and lastly serve with one glass of orange juice. Your quick-made High protein breakfast is ready to eat.

24.Granola with peanut butter

We already mention granola in this list, and now it is another recipe that you can try for morning protein. Just take a handful of granola with peanut butter and serve the small bowl with strawberry and blueberry. Now your healthy protein dish is ready to go in your stomach.

25. Veggie Frittatas

If you have time some in then quickly cook this tasty food. All the foods are filled with high nutrients and low in calories. Which is necessary for your weight loss as a vegetarian. Just prepare some small flour balls and put some veggies, chickpea in it. Then simply fry with healthy non-refined oil, it is tasty and very beneficial for your health also.

26. Tofu with veggies

This another healthy tofu dish for vegetarians who maintain a healthy diet to lose weight. Tofu is a low digestive food and vegetables are low calorie but high nutrients food. So in one item, you will get all the necessary nutrients for a day. So just go, cook and eat some tofu with vegetables as a High protein breakfast.

27. Oat bars

You may hear about chocolate bars but this is an oat bar fully filled with protein, fiber, and other healthy nutrients. If you have a short time this food will fulfill your daily requirement quickly. Because these bars are made with nuts, oats, caju, etc. All the items are high in fiber but low in calories. So quickly take one or two already prepared oat bars to give quick protein in your body.

28. Orange chia smoothie

Orange contains excellent weight-burning components and also an excellent source of vitamin C, minerals etc. It is a quick made smoothie for your breakfast time. So go to your kitchen and prepare one glass of healthy Orange chia smoothie. It keeps you fresh, energetic, and charming all day long. 

29.Vanilla, yogurt, blueberry and buckwheat drink

A quick made drink that contains yogurt, Vanilla, yogurt, blueberry, buckwheat bananas etc. An excellent source of healthy nutrients for your breakfast. It is a delicious, luxurious, and healthy drink for every vegetarian.

30. Brown bread with peanut butter

Two brown bread with a small amount of peanut butter gives you a good amount of protein for a day. But not more than 2-3 spoons of peanut because it also contains fat which may increase some pounds instead of burning. So limit the peanut amount and also eat this food one or twice a week to get the best result.

 So this is all about the list of High protein breakfast vegetarians for weight loss. Here we give a total of 30 food lists for vegetarians, just pick one dish for one day. Just mix and match the dishes to get the best result of weight loss.

FAQ Of High protein breakfast vegetarian for weight loss

Is a high protein breakfast good for weight loss?

Answer – YES, a high-protein breakfast is good for weight loss. Although, it’s necessary to consume protein-filled food regularly. Studies show that besides fiber,  protein is also a key nutrient to boost the weight-burning process. Because protein also gives a feeling of fullness and it is a very essential component to increase your muscles strength.

What should a vegetarian eat for breakfast to lose weight?

Answer – Veggie smoothies, blueberries, bread, avocado, vegetables, yogurt, etc are some foods that every vegetarian eats for breakfast to lose weight. Scroll up because we already give the 30 best protein breakfasts for every vegetarian who wants to lose extra belly fat. Our all recommended foods are filled with fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients.

What is the best breakfast for losing belly fat?

Answer – The same are here Veggie smoothies, blueberries, bread, avocado, vegetables, yogurt etc are the best breakfast for sling belly fat. Check our top 30 list to know more. All our dishes are slow digestive foods that give a feeling of fullness. As a result, you don’t need to eat excess food which may cause weight gain.

How do vegetarians lose weight fast?

Answer – For the fastest weight loss first, you need to follow a healthy diet plan. For that, our top 30 High protein breakfast list will definitely help. Besides that you need to do some morning exercise, avoid processed foods, refined oil, artificial sweetener, excess eating, etc. If you follow these steps then the fat burning process will definitely reduce the time.


So this is all about the list of High protein breakfast vegetarian for weight loss. Remember, all our dishes are safe and fully filled with beneficial nutrients to match your needs. But the dish, brown bread, and peanut butter may give an issue if you eat an excess peanut. Otherwise, it is ok to get benefits. Lastly, if you have any medical issues then definitely consult with your doctor before going through our list.

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