High Fiber Diet For Hemorrhoids Guideline?


Hemorrhoids are also known as piles. This is one of the health-related issues. In this, the anal region becomes swell and inflamed. This actually happens in the lower rectum portion. In this region, the waste materials get deposited. It is just before it comes out as the stool. In this state of health, we need to select our intakes very carefully. A high fiber diet for hemorrhoids is extremely good. This is the natural way to reduce the seriousness of the problem. We need to keep the proper and perfect food items in our diet.

What are the kinds of hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids can be categorized into two kinds. One is external hemorrhoids. And the other is internal hemorrhoids. This external hemorrhoid is developed near the anal portion but beneath the skin. The internal hemorrhoid is in the anus and under the rectal lining. This health issue is present in many people. In our world, there are many people who are suffering from this problem. Most old people suffer from this kind of health problem.

Once we get into this problem, we need to be very alert about our health. There are some foods that need to be added to the diet of the person who is suffering from hemorrhoids. And there are some foods that we need to forget to eat. Besides these food habits, proper treatment is required. And if you don’t put into this issue, then proper preventive measures need to be taken.

Why diet is so important?

You need to keep high fiber content food in your diet. Even those foods need to have low fat. So you need to have a diet containing high fiber, less fat and whole food should be there. If you are suffering from piles, then this type of food will help you to reduce the severity of the problem. So these kinds of foods need to be included in your diet. This will be a great help. High diet fiber for hemorrhoids is extremely good.

High Fiber Diet For Hemorrhoids.

Fiber is very much important in the diet. These fibers raise the weight of the stool. Even it can bring down the time which feces require to spend in the colon, which is a part of the large intestine. This is known as the transit time. This time needs to be reduced. Fiber content food can keep the water in our body. So the water holding capacity of the colon will increase. All these things will make the stool soft. This soft stool can be passed very easily. Even this has the ability to reduce the ph range, which in turn will bring down the transit time in the colon. In simple words, it will reduce the time which is required by the food to cross through the colon. Fibers have to be there in our diet. And this is for the smooth passing of stool from our body.

Best 10 high fiber foods diet for hemorrhoids? 

Many foods there contain a high amount of fibers. We will discuss some of the food containing fibers-

1. Apples.

Roughage is present in a high amount of apples. Roughage is also known as dietary fibers. Apple is considered a good source of this. We try to consume apples with our skin. Apples with skin contain high dietary fibers. Apple is counted in the fruits containing high fibers. In the skin of the apple, a high amount of fibers are present. These fibers are insoluble in nature. Due to this nature, the skin doesn’t get digested. They don’t break into pieces. And they play an important role in bulking up the stool. They provide the laxative effect. Due to this, they come out of the anus very easily. So if a person is having hemorrhoids, then he needs to include more apples in his diet.

2. Pears.

Pears contain exceptionally high fibers. Besides this, it also contains other things which are required by the people who are suffering from the hemorrhoid. Again the skin of the pear is rich in fibers. So they are very much needed by this kind of patient. Even this fruit also contains fructose. This fructose acts as the natural laxative. So for the smooth passing of the stool, this fruit is very good.

High Fiber Diet For Hemorrhoids

3. Barley.

Barley also contains a good amount of fibers. The fiber which is present in it is known as the beta-glucan. In the colon, this beta-glucan gets broken down. And there it makes gel-like substance. This gel is viscous in nature. This gel makes the stool soft. Moreover, this barley is very essential in maintaining the good health of the colon. So keep a good amount of barley in your diet.

4. Corn.

We can make the soup. One bowl of corn soup contains a good amount of fibers. From the earlier days, only people are using this corn for curing hemorrhoids. This is very much effective. People have been using this effective treatment since ancient times. Besides containing fibers, it also contains good numbers of antioxidants. These antioxidants are very much needed for removing the free radicals from the body. They prevent the body from cellular damage. This corn also contains other compounds also.

These compounds can bring down the pain. They are very much effective in the reduction of pain, which happens due to hemorrhoids. So whenever possible, consume more and more corn. This will prevent constipation.  Oatmeal also contains a high amount of fibers. These fibers are required for maintaining the good health of the alimentary canal. It also causes the softening of the stool. So that the affected person can pass the stool comfortably. So automatically the pain will reduce and the overall condition will get improved.

5. Lentils.

Pulses are always a good way of getting the fibers. The names of a few pulses which are the great sources of the fibers are lentils, lima beans, split peas, chickpeas. The amount of fibers in them is incredible. One cup of these pulses gives a good amount of fiber. If you consume the green lentils in your diet then it may increase the weight of the stool. And even it reduces the transit time in the colon. So the stool will pass out fast. So every day consume one bowl of pulses. It will help you to keep away from hemorrhoids.

6. Whole Wheat.

We always need to consume whole wheat in our diet. They can be consumed, processed, or semi-processed. In both types, a high amount of fibers are present. These fibers are insoluble in nature. They have the ability to raise the weight of the feces. They also do the reduction in the transit period in the colon. Therefore, the feces come out of the alimentary canal quickly. In the market, there are many food items that are made up of whole grain. You all need to consume them more. The best way is to consume these products with the other seeds and nuts. So they become more beneficial for our body.

7. Berries.

Berries are extremely good for the skin. Few berries are raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries. They are all excellent sources of fibers. They are very much beneficial for the skin. Moreover, all kinds of berries contain water in high amounts. This water can make the stool soft. Due to this reason, the digestive system works wonderfully. These berries also have fructose. This fructose acts as a laxative. This is a natural laxative. Due to this, the stool can pass out of the track smoothly.

8. Potatoes.

Potatoes and their skin contain a high amount of fibers. Potatoes can be consumed baked. They contain both the soluble and insoluble forms of the fibers. Fibers present in them act as a good laxative. So a smooth pass away happens.

9. Tomatoes.

Tomatoes contain fiber as well as water. So they are extremely good for constipation. With the consumption of tomatoes, the stool can pass out of the gut very easily. Naringenin is present in tomatoes. It is a natural antioxidant. This also acts as a laxative. So it can reduce constipation. So you need to keep tomatoes in your diet. You can include them in your salad even.

10. Citrus Fruits.

Lemon, grapes, and oranges are some examples of citrus fruits. They are extremely good for the skin. The inner part of the skin of these fruits contains a high amount of fiber. It also has naringenin. This is a kind of a compound. This also can act as a laxative. Water content in them is also good. You need to keep citrus fruits in your diet. They reduce the problem of constipation. It makes the stool soft so that they don’t face any problem in passing out of the alimentary canal.

Besides the above-mentioned fruits, you can have beans, kiwis in your diet plan. All these are high fiber food for hemorrhoids. You need to plan your diet in a very conscious manner so that you don’t have to face this problem in the future. Or if you have already got the problem, this by consuming these things can improve the condition.

FAQS Of High Fiber Diet For Hemorrhoids? 

(Q) What foods trigger hemorrhoids? 

Answer – Some of the best high fiber foods are Legumes, Whole grains, sweet potatoes, apples, etc. High fiber foods help to soften tools and make the digestion process powerful to pass the food more easily. Which give relief from irritation, pain, bleeding, and some other symptoms. Moreover, you can also add healthy liquids like water, fruit juice, etc to your daily diet.

(Q) What shrinks hemorrhoids fast? 

Answer – Root vegetables are an excellent source of fiber. But keep in mind, excess fiber may not be very good for health which may influence your skin negatively. A few slices of bell paper contain almost 2 grams of fiber, which is a very good amount in vegetables. Moreover, bell peppers are an excellent source of water content, which also fills water requirements in your body effectively.

(Q) Can too much fiber irritate hemorrhoids? 

Answer – Yes, too much fiber may cause diarrhea. But If you suffer from Hemorrhoids because of pregnancy and obesity then consuming supplements may not be very good for you. Because this kind of problem may end by following some healthy diet, foods, and water and exercise. Just because supplements may give you side effects which you may need be want.

Avoid some foods.

There are some foods that need to be avoided strictly. We should not take processed food. Even we need to avoid foods which contain a high amount of carbohydrates and fats. These unhealthy foods may cause hemorrhoids. Some foods need to be avoided. These are salty food, fried foods. We all like to have chips, which is a snack which is a packaged snack. Even avoid having the full-fat products of the dairy. Red meats, Candies should not be consumed very frequently. Soda, energy drinks, coffee, sugar, cream need to be cut out from our dietary list. Otherwise, they can be the reasons for the formation of the piles. Caffeine and alcohol also need to be taken out from the daily diet. We always need to consume foods of high dietary content.

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