High Cholesterol Body Symptoms. what are the foods for high cholesterol?

High Cholesterol Body Symptoms

When you are fatty, then one question is always in your mind: Is your cholesterol level high? If your cholesterol level is high, then what are high cholesterol body symptoms? When you want to search for your answer, you must earn the knowledge of Cholesterol. Several steroids are present in our body, and Cholesterol is one of them. The function of Cholesterol is to produce hormones, vitamin D, and cell membrane structure. It’s, traveling into the blood is not possible for the feature of water insolubility. In order to transport Cholesterol, Lipoprotein creates away.HDL converts your bad Cholesterol, which is LDL, into good Cholesterol and travel Cholesterol into the liver to eliminate your wastage. But sometimes people overeat fat; for this reason, fat increases LDL. When your LDL level goes high, it is called hypercholesterolemia or hyperlipidemia.


High Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol affects a significant impact on our life. We need Cholesterol in our body and triglycerides also. But the level of Cholesterol is limited; if the limit crossed, it will be a problem. Experts suggest you need to check HDL, LDL, and triglycerides levels.

if you want to know your cholesterol level.

  •         Less than 100mg/dL is a standard range of LDL.
  •         If your LDL range is 160, which means the level is high.
  •         Low HDL level is less than 40 mg/dL, and the normal range is 60 mg/DL.
  •         Less than 150 mg/dL, which is the usual range of triglycerides.  

The Main Reason For High Cholesterol body Symptoms

Hypercholesterolemia occurs in many ways. If we are not aware of our food, it also brings a significant problem in our present and future lives. The main reason has given below:

High Cholesterol Body Symptoms
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1.Taking saturated and trans fat

Overtaking saturated and trans fat is being harmful to our body. We have gotten unsaturated and trans fat in that food: cheese bugger, pasta, deep-fried food, butter, cheese, Spaghetti, etc. That food is typical in our modern life, but it increases our cholesterol level.

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2.Do a smoke

Smoking is another reason for hypercholesterolemia. Taking smoking is increasing our LDL level and also fat of blood, which is triglycerides.LDL creates plaque in our heart arteries.

3.Lacking physical activity

Physical activity can keep our bodies fit and healthy. It helps to control cholesterol levels. Lacking cholesterol level is raising our LDL level and lower HDL level. While increasing the LDL level, it turns into hyperlipidemia.

4Having Diabetes

whether you have diabetes, cholesterol synthesis is increasing and produces ketone bodies. For this reason, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism is disturbed. To disturbances many fatty acids stores in our body, which is called hyperlipidemia.

High Cholesterol body symptoms

There are no exacted symptoms of high Cholesterol. You can find out only by testing your blood. 200-239 mg/DL is a number of total borderline Cholesterol, and a higher-level is 240mg/DL.

Some factor increase high cholesterol

Some habits you can change. such as

  •         Stop eating excess saturated and trans fat like meat, mutton, cheese, butter,  etc.
  •         Avoid refined foods
  •         Inactivity
  •         Drug addiction
  •         But some things, though you won’t, you can’t change. Here are
  •         You were having a family history of hypercholesterolemia.
  •         Become male or female
  •         Age
  •         Kidney or liver disease

Difficulties of High Cholesterol

If your cholesterol level is high, your blood flow is lower because of plaque in arteries. When this kind of situation happens, it is called atherosclerosis. Then atherosclerosis also brings many significant difficulties. Such as

  • Stroke: when your heart can’t blood supplies in your brain Thfor the cut off the heart’s arteries.   
  • Heart attack: If your plaque makes a narrow way to flow blood and sometimes blood clots around arteries. In this situation, your blood can not reach the heart’s muscle to get Oxygen. Without Oxygen and nutrients, your heart becomes damaged.
  • Peripheral arterial Disease: Kidneys, arms, legs, feet, stomach can get blood through peripheral arteries. The blockage of peripheral arteries interrupted to flow of blood in that area where peripheral arteries give blood.
  • Kidney disease

Dietary Management

When you face high cholesterol body symptoms, you have to know which food contains high Cholesterol and which food contains low Cholesterol.

A list of high cholesterol food

  • Eggs: one large egg contains Cholesterol, which is 211 mg.
  • Cheese: two types of cheese. Such as full fat and low fat. Low fat is harmful.28-gram cheese is in 27 mg cholesterol.
  • Shellfish:85 grams have 166 mg cholesterol.
  • Pasture-raised stick: 112 gram brings 62 mg cholesterol.
  • Organ meat means liver, kidney, etc.
  • Sardines:131 mg cholesterol is in 92-gram sardines.
  • Full fat yogurt: 245 grams is responsible for 31.9 grams cholesterol.

A list of low cholesterol food

  •         Oats
  •         Barley
  •         Okra
  •         Nut
  •         Vegetable oil
  •         Eggplant
  •         Apples
  •         Grapes

Natural remedy food

  • Garlic: Help to reduce bad Cholesterol, keep low blood pressure, and improving atherosclerosis.
  • Hawthorn: It uses during the time of the Roman empire. Some studies said that it is a remedy for a milder heart attack.
  • Astragalus: Try to improve your immune system. Experts say that this herb reduces Cholesterol for keeping our heart well.
  • Red yeast rice: Red yeast contains monacolin K, one kind of drug lovastatin to lower cholesterol levels.
  • Taking supplements and vitamins: Sometimes, supplements and vitamins affects our body. You have to ask an expert before taking those.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids Fish: Salmon, tuna have omega-three fatty acids that are very effective for our heart.

Follow some steps to keep low body Cholesterol Symptoms.

If you want to control your cholesterol level, you need to follow some rules. such as

  • Do enough activity daily.
  • You have to take PUFA and MUFA containing food such as seeds, nuts, vegetable oil, Etc. While taking this type of food, reduces plasma cholesterol.
  • Dietary Cholesterol keeps minimum Cholesterol in plasma.       
  • Avoid eating excess carbohydrates.
  • Change your food habit.
  • Low alcohol consumption.
  • Using drugs can help to inhibit HMG COA reductase and also reduce cholesterol synthesis.
  • When you take saturated and trans fat, you should take in the limit.


When you doubt your high Cholesterol level, you should go to the doctor to test the level because high Cholesterol can cause your death. So it is a serious issue not to take it lightly. Even any kind of high cholesterol body symptoms seen you can take immediate action. Try to maintain a healthy and disease-free life. Thanks      

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