Foods To Improve Brain Memory, 10 Best Brain boost Feeds?

The brain is the most powerful and central part of our body. So giving the best food for improving brain memory is very much important for every human benign. But what are the foods? So in this article, we introduce some of the Best Foods To Improve Brain Memory.

If I summarize the best food then it goes like avocado, red meat, baggies, fruits, eggs, etc. And all these foods contain protein, vitamins, and other healthy nutrients.

Although, there are numerous foods that actually work to improve our mental and physical health efficiently. But some of them are more productive to improve brain memory.

Foods To Improve Brain Memory

So below are the best 10 Foods To Improve Brain Memory.


Nuts are one of the healthy foods that contain vitamin E, antioxidants, and healthy fat that help to sharpen our memory. Human studies already show that nuts have brain-boosting nutrients that are very much helpful to improve brain function, reduce neurodegenerative diseases, etc.


Avocado is another brain-boosting fruit that contains potassium to protect mental function and nerve emotion. Besides that, avocado is also an excellent source of vitamin K to improve brain strength and also reduce stroke. Food experts see avocado as unsaturated fats that works to maintain healthy blood pressure. So in short these fruits give numerous benefits to improve overall health besides brain improvement.

3.Pumpkin Seeds

Seeds and nuts are plant-based foods where the main nutrients are protein and healthy fats. But Omega3 and antioxidants are also two main sources of these seeds, besides that, they also contain iron, zinc, manganese, and copper. So the pumpkin seeds help to control the nervous system, prevent memory loss, improve brain functions and also protect from brain diseases.


Fishes are also contain omega-3, protein, and antioxidants. Although, experts suggest going for fatty fishes like salmon, sardines, etc. Because these fishes contain more nutrients than others. If you eat boiled or baked fish regularly then your brain works to make quick decisions and control emotions more than others.


Eggs are excellent sources of many nutrients like vitamins (B6, B12) choline, and folate. Moreover, fitness gurus always suggest eating a minimum of 2 eggs daily to balance your diet, improve brain cells and give energy to your muscles. Eggs contain folic acid that helps to prevent age-related brain problems.


In veggies, beets are also very good to improve brain functions, reduce blood pressure and increase athletic performance. Because beet also contains brain improved nutrients like vitamin C, fiber, potassium, etc.


Rosemary is also defined as fragrant herb where carbonic and Carnatic acid are two main components. These are mind refreshing components that better our mood, control your emotion positively. Moreover, all over the world rosemary oil is used to improve stress, depression, etc.

8.Vegetable and fruit

There is no-doubt that veggies and fruits give numerous health benefits for every human being. In veggies, green leaves like broccoli, spinach, etc work more efficiently to improve your brain functions. Because they contain brain-boosting nutrients like vitamin K, folate, etc. On the other hand, oranges give vitamin C which works to prevent mental problems. Moreover, studies show that oranges contain antioxidants that protect our brain cells from unwanted damages.


In India, turmeric is an essential component that uses various reasons. Turmeric is defined as a deep yellow spice that gives antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This yellow spice helps to improve our mood, grow healthy brain cells and also reduce Alzheimer’s disease and  joint inflammation also.

10.Red meat

Meats are excellent sources of protein, vitamins, minerals, and some other beneficial nutrients. Which helps to improve our brain cells to work more efficiently.

FAQS Of Foods To Improve Brain Memory

What are the 5 worst foods for memory?

Answer -Alcohol, high-fat foods, sugar drinks, processed foods, and refined carbs are the top 5 worst foods for brain memory. Sugar drinks bring a negative impact on your brain and may increase diabetes or heart risk. On the other hand, excess drinks of alcohol may increase the risk of your kidney. So try to avoid such food to prevent brain damage.

How do I boost my brain memory?

Answer -Honestly, vitamins, minerals, protein, and some other nutrients are important components to boost brain memory. And everything you get from healthy foods and veggies. So our recommended foods like red meat, oranges, eggs, avocado, nuts, etc are more than enough to improve brain memory fast.


So these are the top 10 best Foods To Improve Brain Memory. Remember, no food will work if you don’t maintain a healthy diet. For example, a person who regularly eats boiled eggs in the morning, on the other hand, he/she also drinks alcohol at night. Then the effect will be not as satisfying as usual. So try to maintain a healthy food plan and also consume our recommended foods to improve your mental health. 

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