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In this COVID-19 situation, Immune System Boost is a vital need for every human being. For that healthy foods are the option to improve our immunity system. Which will help your body to fight fever, infections, bacteria and also protect your cells from unwanted viruses. So here is the guide where we discuss the Foods To Immune System Boost.

But the question is which foods are the best to improve your immune system? The simple answer is fruits and vegetables which are excellent sources of healthy nutrients, antioxidants, and other beneficial components. So below we categorize the foods and vegetables that actually help to boost the immune system. Go through our recommended immunity-boosting foods and take the best benefit without any side effects. Because we already give immunity boosting foods for covid like shellfish, berries, chicken soup, chocolate, etc. And all these foods are high in nutrients, which definitely help you to get strong in this pandemic situation. For better understanding, we divided the immune-boosting foods into 4 sections. The first one is food, next is fruits, vegetables, and drinks. So go, check and pick the foods as per your choice.

Foods To Immune System Boost 


Did you like these foods like oysters, crab, lobster, mussels? Then you definitely get immune-boosting nutrients-zinc in your body. We know vitamins, minerals, and protein are very important components for our body but zinc is also very powerful like vitamin C, A, etc. But keep in mind, excess amounts of zinc may cause bad immune systems. So limit your consumption of shellfishes. For knowledge purposes, an adult needs 11g of zinc daily and a woman needs 8g of zinc daily.

Dark chocolate 

You may hear sometimes that dark chocolates are more beneficial than any other chocolates. All because of the high percentage of cocoa that is packed with healthy antioxidants. But the important nutrients for a strong immune system is theobromine. It is an antioxidant that helps to build a cell-protecting layer to save your body from free radicals or various bacteria and viruses.

Oily fish 

Besides vitamin C, A, B-6, and zinc, omega -3 is also an important nutrient that you need to intake on a scheduled basis. Because research shows that long-term intake of this fatty acid may improve your immune system. And it is also very helpful to protect your body from rheumatoid arthritis (RA). It is a disease of poor immune systems.

Lean meat 

Boiled or Lean chicken meat is also an excellent source of healthy nutrients. Which helps to improve your overall body functions. Boiled meats contain vitamins, protein, minerals, etc which help to improve your DNA, simulate healthy hormones, and also help to boost your immune system. So add this boiled lean meat to your plate, not regularly but one or two times a week.

Boiled Eggs 

Boiled eggs are a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Which is very helpful to improve our defense system more efficiently. Although, doctors suggest eating one or two eggs daily to get healthy nutrients in your body. Eggs whites are more helpful than yellow york. So also add this food to your immunity-boosting food list. 

Wheat Germ 

This is food is an excellent source of vitamins, protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is a versatile food that is most used to increase the taste of a recipe and also used as a topping on fruits, yogurt, etc. This high nutrient food not only boosts your immune system but also works to improve your overall health as well. 

So these are some Foods To Immune System Boost. But now we go through various healthy fruits, vegetables, and drinks which you also need to add to your daily meal.

Immune System Boosters Fruits.

Foods To Immune System Boost


Vitamin C and E are two common nutrients that you can get from almonds. And guess what! Both are immune-boosting properties. Although, there is no doubt that fruits or nuts are packed with healthy nutrients that improve our defense system besides other benefits. And almonds are one of those which you can eat daily in some limited amount to get the best result faster.


Did you like the taste and prefer to eat papaya? If yes then definitely your body gets vital nutrients to improve the immune system. Papain and vitamin C are two main nutrients that are mostly found in this fruit besides other properties. And both are excellent to rebuild your defense system and it is also very digestive friendly.


This is a fruit that is packed with healthy nutrients like vitamin K, C, potassium, etc. You can eat this fruit on a regular basis to improve your overall health. Although, Kiwi properties is more helpful to influence your white blood cells that work to protect your cells from virus and infections.,

Citrus fruits 

Oranges, lemon, pomelos limes, etc are some fruits that belong to the citrus family. These fruits are excellent sources of vitamin C that mainly work for your defense system. And you need to know that when you go from fever, vitamin C is the nutrient that most people need to input into their body. So if you want to boost your immune system then definitely eat at least one citrus fruit daily.


The proper immune function requires healthy nutrients on a daily basis. And a half slice of watermelon may provide enough nutrients for a day. Because one cup of watermelon is low in calories but still has sufficient nutrients like potassium, vitamin A and b6. So all that nutrients are excellent to create a strong defense system in your body.

Sunflower seeds 

Like avocado, sunflower seeds also contain sufficient vitamin E nutrients, which directly impact on your immune system positively. Reports say that small amounts of sunflower seeds may help you from various viruses like swine flu. Although, potassium, vitamin B-6, etc also are some common nutrients in these fruits that help to improve our overall health.


Want to build a healthy immune system? Then definitely eat these tasty fruits. It is filled with an important antioxidant called anthocyanin which directly impacts your immune defense system. And help to protect your cells from cold, flu, and various viruses. Although, it is proved that people who consume more anthocyanin-filled foods suffer less in fever than others.

Acai berry  

It is a black and purple color mix berry that contains an important flavonoid antioxidant called anthocyanins. This nutrient helps to reduce stress, keep your internal functions far from free radicals and also improve your immune system efficiently. It is a tasty and healthy fruit that also works very well to reduce inflammation.

Immunity Booster Vegetables.

Foods To Immune System Boost


This is a popular household vegetable that is used by many people around the globe. If you want to keep a healthy meal that gives sufficient vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants on a regular basis then definitely add this vegetable to your plate. It is easy to cook and mostly used to increase the taste of a dish. Steaming or boiling is the best way to take more benefits from this healthy vegetable.


It is another popular food that is commonly used in almost all dishes to increase the taste of your meal or you can consider this vegetable as common cuisine. Reports say that garlic is more helpful to absorb unwanted substances from your body system like sulfur. Besides that this vegetable also contains immunity-boosting properties that control your blood pressure, healing your cells to fight against infections.


It is a vegetable that is more helpful to protect your body from chronic pain, inflammation, sore throat, and nauseous also. It is a common food that is used in our regular dishes and it has healing properties that protect your body from fever and illness. Personal opinion: if you are sick, coughing, or suffers from illness then try a cup of tea that is prepared with one small piece of ginger. It helps to provide heat to your throat and also helps to reduce coughing.


Want to add some flavor to your dish? then definitely use this healthy spinach. Most importantly this vegetable is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants that boost your immune system to fight against infections. Same as broccoli, spinach is also very helpful when it is cooked by steaming or boiling. It helps to protect the internal nutrients of these vegetables.


Ask any woman which thing you mostly add in curries, surely they answer turmeric. And ask any Indian women which thing you mostly use for minor cuts they definitely answer turmeric. Because this vegetable is an excellent source of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, healing, and immune-boosting properties. Which can be used for several decades as curries’ main ingredient and healthy food.

Sweet potato 

This is a vegetable that is more helpful for your skin. It protects, heals, and increases blood circulation by improving your immune system and skin cells. All because of an antioxidant called beta carotene. This nutrient also protects your skin cells from outside damage like ultra rays.


This is another important vegetable that contains immunity-boosting nutrients like vitamin B, selenium, etc. Actually, this is not truly a vegetable but US gov agriculture considers it is a vegetable because of a veggie nutrient provider. And keep in mind try to cook this vegetable in less to protect the internal nutrients.

Red bell peppers 

This is a fruit but mostly used as a side vegetable on your plate. An interesting fact is Red bell peppers contain three times more vitamin C than citrus fruits. Besides, that vitamin A is also found with sufficient amounts in these fruits. As a result your skin and eyes also get well treated besides your immune boost.

So these are all about the immunity booster vegetables which contain enough nutrients to improve your defense system. Okay, now you have an idea about the best foods, fruits, and vegetables. So below we give some healthy drinks to finish your job more effectively.  

Immune System booster drink.

Foods To Immune System Boost

Yogurt drink 

When it comes to immunity-boosting drinks then yogurt is a food that comes up first in our list. It is healthy, tasty, and filled with immunity-boosting properties. Vitamin D is a vital nutrient in this food that helps build a strong defense system in our body. So that your body cells are easily protected by unwanted damages and viruses. Lastly, try to make a yogurt drink by adding some healthy fruits and veggies to make the drink more nutritious.

Green tea 

Most likely a woman prefers green tea to maintain a well-shaped body. Although, it is proved that green tea is an excellent source of healthy antioxidants and amino acids that help to improve your cells besides controlling the metabolism level. In short Green tea, properties influence your immune system to work more efficiently.

Chicken soup 

When you are sick or suffers from fever then you may prefer a bowl of hot drink that is full of healthy nutrients and healing properties. Then you must try the chicken soup with green vegetables. Approx 1 kg Poultry chicken contains sufficient vitamin B-6 nutrients to increase your red blood cells, boost immunity and also work for glut improvement.

Miso soup 

It is Japanese cuisine and most likely used for several past decades. This soup is mainly produced by pasting soybeans which are well known for their gastrointestinal properties. one small bowl of miso soup not only improves your defense system, it’s also very powerful to reduce bowel irritations, inflammation, allergens, etc.

Pomegranate Juice 

Did you ever try Pomegranate Juice? If not then definitely try one glass of this drink. This drink is an excellent source of beneficial nutrients. It is easy to digest, helps to reduce the growth of bacterias in your mouth, and also has a contribution to treat some other diseases.

 So these are some immunity booster foods that you easily find in India or any other country in the world. And if you think to pick some foods for your kid then definitely go on. Because our recommended fruits, vegetables, and drinks work very well also for your kid. Although it’s important to give your son or daughter a healthy meal that keeps them far from various viruses, cold, flu, etc. So if you wish then definitely go for our recommendation. 

How To Boost Immune System Naturally 

If you search for how to boost the immune system quickly but in a natural way then here we are to give the best ideas and tips. First, definitely add our recommended foods to your regular diet to stay healthy and fever-free. Besides that, you also need to do some healthy activities that help to boost your immune system more efficiently.

Restful sleep 

You may hear several times that a proper sleep routine gives a lot of health benefits. And it is true that proper good night sleep helps to improve your mental health, stress-free life, energy, etc Although it’s also proven that immunity boost is influenced positively by restful sleep. According to research, 6-8 hours of sleep reduces the chances of fever and cold than less sleepy adults. So if you are a person who sleeps 6-8 hours every day at the same time then your body contains a more powerful defense system than others. Many people don’t fall asleep quickly so if you suffer from the same problem. Then try some helpful tips like, don’t touch your phone or tv before bed, regularly exercise, sleep at the same time every day.

Limit the consumption of refined foods 

Refined foods refer to pizza, burgers, soft drinks, or street foods that are more refined and have less or no nutrients on them. So instead of refined foods, you can adopt a habit to consume only plant foods or healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, etc. because these are the foods that contain more healthy nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, etc. And all these nutrients directly influence our internal function to boost their productivity. As a result, you have a strong immune system to protect your body from bacteria, viruses, etc. Although, it is true, proven and you may believe that if any person consumes more plant foods on a regular basis they definitely are sick less than others. So go and add some plant fruits and veggies to your regular meal.

Healthy fats 

Overweight people may be afraid of hearing the word “fat”. But the fact is healthy fat consumption on a regular basis is very much important besides iron, protein, vitamin,s, etc. Healthy fats mostly found in olive oil, salmon fish, avocados, nuts, vegetable oils, etc. Fat or omega-3 plays an important role to improve your immune system and also helps to reduce inflammation, stress, etc. For example, olive oil is an excellent source of anti-inflammatory properties which treat diabetes and also keep you far from various bacterial, viruses, etc. So include some nuts, seeds, vegetable oil, or fatty acid-filled foods in your regular meal.

Limit your sugar consumption 

Excess sugar also gives bad health, Same as refined food. If you don’t limit your sugar consumption then it ends with obesity or overweight. Which you may not want to. Excess consumption of sugar also influences your blood sugar level which is not good for anyone. Obesity also increases the chances of sick and heart problems. But the worst is diabetes which ends up eating your favorite foods. Although, healthy sugar is important for our body but in limited amounts. So limit your sugar consumption if you want to improve your immune system.

Supplements To Boost Immune System 

Still, now you have an idea about what are the good foods for immunity boosting. But in this pandemic situation, only foods and exercise are really helpful to increase your defense system to protect your body from outside viruses?. The answer is Yes. Proper food and regular exercise are more than enough to make you strong and healthy. So what about the supplements right?. Actually, supplements are also very good nutrients for quick results. These products contain sufficient nutrients like vitamin C, A, E, etc. Although, you need to maintain a healthy diet chart besides supplements because only these products are not good for overall health. If you only depend on these products then it may end with bad effects instead of benefits.

Vitamin C 

In the market there are lots of different companies vitamin C capsules containers are available. These products contain vital nutrients besides vitamin C to fulfill your daily requirements. Although, this nutrient is a good source of helpful antioxidants that promote good skin cells, immunity systems, etc.

Vitamin  D 

You can also buy a container of vitamin D which mainly works in your bloodstream to protect, improve and help to get rid of free radicals. Vitamin D also get from sun rays but these capsules are the option for quick results to improve your defense system. Studies also report that vitamin D capsules are also very helpful to reduce the growth of infections and bacteria.


Zinc is also a supplement that is used as cold remedies, it also promotes good cells to protect your body from nasal drainage, sore throat, cough, fever, etc. According to the NIH, zinc contains infection-reducing properties which are very helpful for faster recovery from unwanted fever or colds.

FAQS Of Foods To Immune System Boost 

A. How can I boost my immune system quickly? 

Answer – For quick immune-boosting, you can consume our recommended foods. Besides that you also need to go through various healthy activities like good sleep, more plant-based food, eat, consume healthy fats, keep your stomach far from refined or processed foods, regular exercise, etc. So these are the points that you need to add to your daily routine for immunity boosting quickly.

B. What are 3 foods that boost your immune system? 

Answer – Although we already give lots of immunity-boosting foods if I specify these in three then it goes like citrus fruits because of their vitamin C properties. The second one is red bell paper for its overall nutrients and the third one is broccoli for its antioxidants properties. Although, our top lists are more than enough to improve your defense system efficiency. Just go and pick some of them as per your choice. 

C. How can I naturally boost my immune system? 

Answer – Again the answer is the same, do regular exercise, eat more plant foods like vegetables, fruits and healthy drinks. Eat healthy fatty acids-filled foods like salmon fish, nuts, seeds, etc. And take a proper good night’s sleep on a regular basis. So these are the ways which you can follow to boost your immune system naturally.

D. What are signs of a weak immune system? 

Answer – If any person has a weak immune system then they may suffer from various diseases. But if I specify the symptom in points then it goes like this. High-stress levels are common in poor defense systems. Then comes colds or fever many times because of the lack of immunity that is unable to protect your system from various viruses. Then comes tiredness all the time which is also a sign of a weak immunity system.


So these are all about the Foods To Immune System Boost. When it comes to foods that work as immunity-boosting then vegetables and fruits come up first. Because both are high nutrient foods that are available in nature. Although, doctors always suggest eating any fruit or vegetables every day to maintain a healthy physique. Our body mainly requires five essential nutrients like vitamin, mineral, protein, and fiber only on a regular basis. For that vegetables and fruits are good options to include in your daily meal for immunity boosting and overall health benefits. But the problem is not every food is great for everyone, not every food is good for the immune system and not all foods are good to eat on a regular basis. So what should you do now?. Nothing, just read our guide and include those recommended foods in your daily meal. So these are the detailed guides on this topic. And I hope you got all of your answers in this article. 

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