Can I gain weight after recovering from IIH?

Can I gain weight after recovering from IIH?

IIH is Idiopathic intracranial hypertension. Sometimes high pressure is created around the brain area. Due to this few symptoms are coming out like there is a change in the vision and also the headache happens. There are three words in this, idiopathic, intracranial, and hypertension. The meaning of idiopathic is when the cause is not known. Intra signifies inside and intracranial means in the skull. And the meaning of hypertension is high pressure. It happens when too much CSF gets deposited around the brain and around the spinal cord. CSF stands for cerebrospinal fluid. Due to this pressure on the brain is created and even this happens on the nerves. These nerves are present in the backside of the eyes. These are optic nerves. There is a common question in our mind that can I gain weight after recovering from IIH?

Can I gain weight after recovering from IIH
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The symptoms of the IIH can be rectified with the proper treatment. Treatment can be done in various ways. It may be by weight loss or by medicine or surgery. If the person is having too much weight and has the IIH, then the first step of the treatment is the reduction of the weight. If you lose about 10 percent of body weight, then also you are in way of reduction of the IIH. We need to consult a doctor regarding the loss of weight. How much the procedure is safe and sustainable? Besides this, there is also medicine that can reduce the production of the CSF. This will help in reducing the IIH.

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Generally, persons who are having this kind of problem are mostly obese. And if you want to treat this IIH then you need to do the weight loss. This is an essential factor. But the proper way of losing weight so that the IIH will get reduced is not clear. There is lacking in this field. More search is required area in this place. There is a connection between the IIH and the weight of the body. But still, more search is required.


The patients who all are suffering from the IIH are obese. In maximum cases they are overweight. When the weight of the body is increasing then there is a greater chance of getting this problem. Weight needs to be controlled. Various researches have been done to find out the linkage between IIH and obesity. But there is no pathophysiological evidence in regard to this one. It is still unknown to us. But some evidence supports that there is a strong connection between the two. According to them, the most effective treatment is the loss of body weight.

At first, the modification in the lifestyle of the patient is done. This step shows a modest benefit. All these are self-directed ones. There are many commercial weight loss techniques that are more effective in weight loss.

The risk factors in this health issue are the gaining of weight and obesity.


The increased body weight may be one of the reasons behind the IIH. So if we are suffering from this problem, then we need to first focus on body weight. It should be managed in the proper way. We need to take care of our entire routine. Any improvement in the routine can change the weight of the body. This in return affects the IIH. So the entire thing is interconnected. Sometimes people think that can I gain weight after recovering from IIH? If we don’t take care of our lifestyle then this is sure that we are going to gain body weight. The entire routine needs to be plan out in the proper way. The increase in body weight may lead to many other problems.

This can be the root cause of many problems. Feeding habit needs to be corrected. What things we are keeping in our diet play a major role in gaining or losing body weight. If we are suffering from any major health issue then we need to consult doctors. The doctor’s suggestion needs to be taken. And even we need to follow that suggestion in a proper way. Then only we can manage our body weight. Food and exercise are the major factors. Proper foods need to be eaten and exercise needs to be done on the daily basis. these things directly affect body weight. So the focus needs to be done here. So can I gain weight after recovery from IIH? The answer of this question must be cleared to everyone.


One of the reasons for the development of IIH is obesity. But the pathophysiological connection is not known to us. Losing weight is one of the effective ways out of treatment. Long-term maintenance is needed. Lifestyle modification is essential.

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