How to weight lostips? best weight loss tips diet plan at home?

Best weight loss tips diet plan at home?

Now it’s one of the most asked questions in the whole world, how can I lose my weight? is it possible? today torpic best weight loss tips diet plan at home.

I will say that, yes it is possible. we can loss our weight by so many processes. such as by medicine, by exercise, by controlling your diet plan.

And now in our busy life best diet plan is the most reliable and easy process to control or lose our weight. so how can we loss our weight by a diet plan that’s are below.

Best Foods

One of the most important factor behind our growing weight is fat. so we need to decrease our fat from our body. or will try so that do not grow fat in our body.

At first why it is important to decrease your weight?

  1. Over weighted person feel antitumoral themselves.
  2. They are slow at every daily work comparatively than other persons.
  3. Over weighted person look ugly comparatively than other persons
  4. Various types of disorders concern with them.
  5. They couldn’t do every work or long duty than other persons.
  6. They feel antitumoral themselves during wearing clothes.

There are so many processes to loss our weight. But the most easy process is the best diet plan. It can follow every person among all busiest person..those persons whose are already in trouble, and those persons whose are in the primary stage. It’s can follow also those persons whose are, very busy in his life ..and also those persons whose has a normal life. l will give you the best diet plan, which can follow every rich person and every middle and every financially backward person whose are unable to carry the most valuable foods. This diet plan could be cumbersome to follow, but believe me, if you can follow it you will get the best result. And best weight loss tips diet plan at home.

Now I will give you the best diet plan which can follow every person’s male and female, every age. Every person’s whole over the world. Now let’s go in our diet plan.

One of the most important diets for the loss our fat is vitamin-c.whose chemical name is ascorbic acid..and vitamin c is mostly present in sour foods. such as orange, guava, pineapple, strawberry, etc. some other foods which can decrease your weight those are, leafy greens vegetables, boiled potatoes, beans, legumes, pumpkin, etc.

best weight loss tips diet plan
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How can we control so that we do not grow fat in our body?

The Most affected thing which increases fat in our body is oil food..those foods are various but, various animal foods(meat, fish, egg, etc.) and various fast foods. so we need to avoid these foods. They have the best diet plan of a whole day.if you can follow this plan you can decrease your weight from 4-5 kg per 15 days.

Before breakfast

At first we will drink some slightly warm water, minimum 100 to 200 gm with a half of lemon and then We need to do some exercise before breakfast for 15-20 minutes. It is the best weight loss tips diet plan at home.


1.We will do our breakfast before 8 A.M

2.We can take any suit of fruit juice up to 150-200gm. e.g- orange juice, guava juice, pineapple juice or we can take 200- 250 gm slight warm water with a lemon.

3.Then we will take 2 pieces of bread of 100 to 120 gm flour. with 50 gm vegetables any one.


We will do our lunch before 12 AM.and we can take 100-150 gm rice, 20 to 25 gm pulses, 20- 25 gm vegetables or only boiled potatoes with salt and cumin, and can take an egg without yolk.


We can take a cup of green tea with one or two biscuits before 6 pm. And if you feeling more hungry you can take only boiled potatoes with salt and cumin.


we will do our dinner before 9 pm..and the food will be. 1 piece bread, up to 100 gm rice, 20-25 gm pulses,20-25 gm vegetables, and 20-25 gm one piece fish, best weight loss tips diet plan at home. After the dinner, we will have 250-300 gm of slightly warm water.

We need to do some other work the whole day. Which work must help us to decrease our weight. Which are extra from our diet plan.

  1. The first thing is we will take slight warm water from time to time as much as possible. because we need to bring out our sweat from our body. Because they help us to bring out fat from our body.
  2. We will do those work, which helps us to bring out sweat from our body. e.g- we will go to our workplace at the office, school, college, by cycling as possible.
  3. If you feeling bored yourself you can play your favorite game every morning and after office, school, college. which gives you entertainment with hard work.
  4. You need to avoid a bike, car, or any other vehicle. Because it could be harmful to your growing weight.
  5. One another important thing is you will do your own work by yourself. e.g- clothes cleaning, cooking at hostels, etc.
  6. One very important thing we will remember is that we will bring out our sweat as much as possible.
  7. We need to swim during the bath minimum of 5-10 minutes every day.
  8. We will do hard and hard work in our holiday every weekend. It’s the best weight loss tips diet plan at home.
  9. We will avoid to stay in the air conditioner room and food from the refrigerator.
  10. We will be wearing a belt in our belly during our working time. It can help us to bring out sweat from our body.

That’s all about the best diet plan can do it ..hard work is the key to success. Don’t be lazy remember it 100 drops of sweat can decrease your 1 drop of fat. so we need to do hard and hard work. Following a diet plan and your hard work can decrease your weight by 4-5 kg in every 15 days. After all, if you can’t lose weight you need to consult with a physician as soon as possible. Don’t go through any other processes because it could be harmful with you. This is the best weight loss tips diet plan at home. Thank u guys, Be well, Take care, Bye.

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