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Bengali lunch quotes?

Generally, fish curry, rice, and sweets are associated with west Bengal. But not only are these mentioned items but there are many more food items that Bengalis love to eat. West Bengal is famous not only for vegetarian foods as well as for non-vegetarian foods. There are many famous food items of West Bengal which are famous all over Indian. It is a multiple-course structure. All Bengalis love to eat food and even they love to eat it course-wise. They never prefer to have it at once. This is done in other Indian cuisines. For this love of Bengali for food, many popular Bengali lunch quotes are there.

Bengali Lunch Quotes
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If you see West Bengal from the point of view of food, you will find that there are many things to explore here. Here, street foods are also very popular. There is a very huge range of sweets available in West Bengal. We are very rich in our culture in terms of food. These are very vibrant. Everyone feels delighted to get into this food culture. Different food recipes are famous here. Some of the items are Luchi Aloor dam, Kathi rolls, Jhal muri, Daab Chingri, Sukto, Bhetki macher Paturi, Kosha Mangsho, Shorshe Ilish, Rasgullas, etc.

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This is the favorite breakfast of all Bengalis. In all most families, on Sunday this is the breakfast. This item is liked and loved by everyone. Even you can see these items in roadside shops also. People prefer to have this. During the morning, this is available in all stalls. And believe me, this breakfast is super tasty.


This is again one of the famous food items. In west Bengal, everyone likes Kathi rolls. In the City of Joy, this food item brings happiness to the life of everyone. Here at first thin Rotis are made, then it is wrapped around the meat Kababs. This food recipe is super tasty. Everyone likes this.


Everyone is very much aware of the Bhel. Jhal muri are the Bengali Bhel. This is very much available at the stall in the streets. This street food is loved by all the Bengalis. The basic ingredient in this is the puffed rice. This is mixed with different kinds of chutneys. Mustard oil is a must in this. Roasted lentils may be added to this. The taste of this Jhal muri gets increased by the coconut chunks. This is a snack that is loved by every Bengalis. In the evening of every Bengalis, this snack is being eaten with love. This is very convenient to make. In their free time, people prefer to much this type of snack. Even in the traveling Bengalis prefer to have this. Long–long conversations are carried over this snack. In all most all streets you are going to get this. This is one of the most loved snacks of Bengalis.


Bengalis love to eat different kinds of fish curries. There will be no day left without fish curry. In every lunch this food item is mandatory. Chingri is like the life of Bengalis. They love to cook big prawns in mustard. This food item is served in the coconut. In all most in all restaurant prawns are available. This food item is in great demand. For this reason, Bengali lunch quotes are there. No one can say no to this food dish. This is very tasty. Just by listening its name mouth becomes full of water. In the restaurant, Bengalis prefer to eat this.


This is a vegetarian dish. This is made up of different kinds of vegetables. Bitter gourd is a must in this. Besides bitter gourd, the other vegetables are potatoes, radishes, plantains, etc. This is cooked in the Panch Phoran. This comprises of the five spices. Bengali uses this in many dishes. This preparation is made from different kinds of vegetables. This is a complete Bengali dish. The gravy in this food item is white and it is a little bit creamy. You will have a good taste of bitter gourd. On many Bengali occasions, you are going to see this food preparation. And even in many festivals, this is made. This is one of the common food items that you can see in many Bengali households. In many restaurants, this is served in a very amazing way. No one should miss this food item. Many Bengali lunch quotes are very popular.


This is super popular among fish lovers. They can’t live without eating this fish preparation. This dish slowly melts in our mouths. This is cooked slowly. For preparing this mustard paste is required. Along with that coconut and banana leaves are also needed.


For Bengalis, life is food. Every day they need four to five items in their lunch. They can do anything for getting good food items. They generally don’t compromise on the food items. Genetically they are a good cook.

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