Benefits Of Dairy Milk Chocolate And side effects?


Chocolate, one of the most popular sweets around the world. But many people think chocolate may damage your teeth and increase your weight. Although, it’s true but not totally. So below is the complete guide about the Benefits Of Dairy Milk Chocolate.

Dairy Milk Chocolate or let’s say Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate is made with 10% cocoa, sweetener, milk powder, and some other ingredients. Although, the main ingredient is cocoa which gives many health benefits than others.

Cocoa-filled chocolate helps to improve our brain functions, reduce acne, decrease blood pressure, promote young cells, and also better our mood after taking a small bite of dairy milk chocolate.

Besides the advantages these chocolates also have some other disadvantages like high calories, increasing fat and oral problems. So what’s the process of eating dairy milk chocolate daily right?.

Benefits Of Dairy Milk Chocolate
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Okay below are the complete guide about the Benefits Of Dairy Milk Chocolate and the best-eating amount to stay healthy. So without wasting time let’s have a look.

Benefits Of Dairy Milk Chocolate 

Dairy milk or let’s say Cadbury dairy milk chocolate, one of the most popular sweet items around the world. As we know chocolate is made by crushing cocoa beans, removing the fat from and also adding some other nutrients. Although there are three types of chocolate you mostly find in the market white, milk, and dark chocolate. But milk chocolate is more popular for its unique taste and texture. Milk chocolate made with cocoa powder, adding milk powder, sugar, and some other ingredients.

However, the main ingredient is cocoa which contains numerous health benefits for every human being. So below we give some health benefits of dairy milk or Cadbury dairy milk chocolate. And for your quick understanding, we divided the benefits into two sections: advantages and disadvantages.

Dairy Milk Chocolate Advantages. 

1.Natural antioxidant –

cocoa contains polyphenols which is a natural antioxidant that helps to reduce inflammation, blood pressure cholesterol, and sugar level from our body. Like cocoa, some other foods also contain this antioxidant like vegetables, tea. But polyphenols is the main source of cocoa.

2.Reduce Blood pressure level –

The effect of this decreasing more noticeable in high blood pressure patients compared to normal. This benefit is first noticed in Central American people, who consume cocoa drinks. In addition, studies also confirm that 1.4 to 100 grams of cocoa powder efficiently reduces 2mmHg pressure from the blood.

3.Promote a healthy heart –

Besides blood pressure cocoa is also very beneficial for your heart. Cocoa helps to improve nitric oxide levels from your blood that help to promote sufficient blood, relax your blood vessels and improve the heart. Swedish researchers found that 19 to 30 grams of chocolate are more than enough to lower the stroke.

4.Improve brain functions –

As we mention cocoa helps promote nitric levels in the blood to improve blood vessels, flows, and purity. In the same way cocoa also clears the brain pathways that help our brain to function without any difficulties. This improvement also helps to reduce a functional disease called neurodegenerative. Moreover, studies show that regular intake of cocoa products helps to improve brain functions and increase blood flow by 8%-10% within a couple of weeks.

5.Better Your mood –

When chocolate touches our mouth it releases a natural mood stabilizer serotonin called tryptophan that gives a sensory pleasure to better our mood. A study shows that regular intake of chocolate may help to reduce stress during pregnancy. Moreover, it also proved that daily consumption of chocolate promotes calmness in our minds. Researchers believe that intake of limited amounts of cocoa powder improves our overall health.

6.Diabetes –

Not dairy milk chocolate or any other chocolate is very good to control blood sugar levels. But there is no-doubt that cocoa will definitely help to reduce sugar levels from the blood. Studies show that cocoa helps to slow down the process of carbohydrate digestion, decrease inflammation, to improve 2 type diabetes. Moreover, a human study shows that diabetes or non-diabetes people decrease their insulin sensitivity, blood sugar, and inflammation with the help of cocoa.

7.Hair –

With this chocolate, you can prepare a homemade chocolate face mask. Mix yogurt, honey, oil, and chocolate to apply on your face. Besides that regular intake of chocolate also helps to thick your hair by providing blood circulation in your scalp.

Benefits Of Dairy Milk Chocolate
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8.Control weight –

Besides all that benefits, weight control may also be a positive factor that is noticed in chocolate or cocoa. Experts believe that a limited amount of chocolate intake regularly gives a feeling of fullness, improving fat oxidation and inflammation. And all those features help to control weight. Although, weighs faster than chocolate when it contains a minimum of 80% pure cocoa. But a Cadbury dairy milk chocolate bar contains only 10% cocoa so the effect is low but it happens when weight control comes with cocoa. 

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9.Cancer Prevention –

Research shows that cocoa contains antioxidant properties that help to protect our cells, reduce inflammation, and also fight against cancer cells. Although, more research is needed to confidently consider it a cancer-prevention food. But still, it’s very clear that cocoa promotes young cells to better your overall health.

10.Asthma –

Besides antioxidants, cocoa also contains amazing components called theobromine and theophylline. These are anti-asthma properties that help to reduce such chronic inflammatory disease. Theobromine is also known as caffeine that reduces coughing. In addition, 100 grams of cocoa contains 1.9 grams of caffeine. Theophylline is another great compound that works on the lungs, relaxing inflammation. Animal studies show that Both components will help to promote airways and tissue thickness. So yes, cocoa or dairy milk chocolate also works on asthma very well.

11.Teeth and skin –

Cocoa-filled chocolate are also very beneficial for oral health and skin cells. Although, more human studies require solid confirmation about it. But still, it works to improve texture, hydration, cells, and blood circulation in your skin. So all those benefits help to remove dark spots, death cells, and acne from your skin. Besides that, experts also believe that Cadbury dairy milk is one of the popular chocolate brands that help to improve this type of problem.

Besides that, cocoa contains many beneficial compounds like antibacterial, anti-enzymatic, and antioxidant that help to improve dental cavities. So not very clear but still yes it helps.

12. A diet food –

Not highly dairy milk but you can consume high cocoa-filled dark chocolate in your diet chart. Because dairy milk contains a lower amount of cocoa than dark chocolate. But still chocolate helps to reduce carb digestion process time, so you feel full. One thing you can do is take a small bite every day before going for meel. It will help to reduce the digestion time and also help to lose some extra fat from your belly.

13.Slows Signs of Ageing-

Scientists at Cornell University in New York have found that this food, rich in antioxidants, helps the brain fight the production of amyloid plaques – proteins that can disrupt the brain’s normal functioning and cause dementia. Epicurean, an antioxidant in chocolate, has been shown to be effective in the brain. Antioxidants named polyphenols help to reduce age-related arthritis.

14.Fights Colds-

Another antioxidant named phenolics also found in chocolate boosted the immunity system. The presence of Epicachin helps us get rid of coughs and colds.

15.Prevents Anaemia-

Dark chocolate provides about 7.5 percent of the recommended daily iron requirement, it can be considered as a useful food for relieving anemia. 

16.Important note –

First, let me know that chocolates are also very helpful during women’s periods. Because these times cortisol or stress hormone increased in a woman’s body. This hormonal fluctuation is only balanced with serotonin hormone or let’s say feel-good hormones. For that, experts suggest to eat a carb, sugar, and salt-filled foods. So there comes the chocolate that contains carb, cocoa, sugar, and salt also. Cocoa will reduce the stress and better your mood, and other ingredients influence your hormonal imbalance positively. But keep in mind, not dairy milk, try to eat some high cocoa-filled dark chocolates that contain a minimum of 65% cocoa. It gives more results than dairy milk. Although, you can eat any type of chocolate like white or milk but dark is better because of its a high cocoa component.

Okay, Still now you have ideas about dairy milk chocolate or cocoa benefits. As we mentioned earlier, chocolates are made with cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, removing fat, and some other components. But the main ingredient is cocoa extract or powder that gives numerous benefits over others.

So you need to consider some important points which we discuss below.

Chocolates are mainly produced in three types: dark, milk, and white chocolate.

  •   White chocolate contains cocoa, solid milk, milk fat, sugar, and some other fatty substances like vanilla or lecithin flavor. All these ingredients give these chocolates a sweet, delicious taste.
  •       Milk chocolate is most popular for its taste and budget, mostly preferred by children or young people. These chocolates contain cocoa, sugar, and milk powder that taste very fancy and rich.
  •       Dark chocolate is well known for its beneficial nutrients and the amount of cocoa. Dark chocolate contains 70% cocoa with fiber and minerals. Moreover, these types of chocolates have less sugar than other milk or white types, so they give more health benefits than others.
  •       Remember, a more refined process and heating reduce the benefits of cocoa. So the fact is more percentage of cocoa gives more benefits than low-filled cocoa chocolate.

Disadvantages and Side Effects of Dairy Milk Chocolate. 

Now you have a clear idea about dairy milk chocolate benefits or which one is better to take more nutrients. So There is no doubt that cocoa is very beneficial for human health, all the facts are the percentage of this cocoa. Okay, below are the disadvantages of Cadbury dairy milk chocolate.

1. Low nutrients –

Besides all the benefits,  milk or Cadbury dairy milk chocolate also give low health benefits. Because, as we mention it contains only 10% of cocoa that is very low than dark chocolate. Although, it depends on a country basis like the USA produces 10% cocoa-filled milk chocolate with 90% other components. But in general, the amount of cocoa is low in milk chocolate.

2.High calories –

chocolate is good but it contains 235 calories in each 43gram bar. Besides that these calories require touch exercises to burn. So if you continuously consume these foods, it may increase your weight quickly.

3.Sweetener –

the fact is cocoa tastes bitter that many people don’t consume. So manufacturers use healthy sugar to make chocolates eatable or drinkable easily. But it is not very excellent for our health, although it confirms that these sweeteners provide energy to our muscles.

4.Oral health –

you may notice that extreme consumption of chocolates or any sweet foods causes bad teeth. And all that happened for these sweeteners.

 SO these are some disadvantages of dairy milk chocolates. But honestly, all the bad effects happen when you eat or drink such cocoa-filled products without any limitation. There is no doubt that chocolates give excellent health benefits if you follow a proper eating chart. Experts suggest that 30 to 60gram of chocolate bars are more than enough for a day. Remember, dark chocolate contains six times more calories than milk or white chocolates. So keep eating by maintaining the limitation. Lastly, just as a reminder, more calories need more hard exercise to burn.

5.Sugar content-

The high sugar content of chocolate can cause tooth decay.

6.Migraine risk-

The teramine, histamine, and phenylalanine content in cocoa has been shown to increase migraines in some people who regularly eat chocolate.

7.Bone health-

There is some evidence that chocolate weakens bone structure and causes osteoporosis.  A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that older women who consumed chocolate every day gradually lost bone density and strength.

8.Heavy metals-

Some cocoa powders, chocolate bars contain high levels of cadmium and lead which are toxic to the kidneys, bones and other tissues of the body and excessive intake is sufficient to cause severe damage to the body.

In 2017, consumer labs tested 43 chocolate products and concluded that almost all cocoa powders contained 0.3 mcg of cadmium, the highest as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Benefits Of Dairy Milk Chocolate
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FAQS For Benefits Of Dairy Milk Chocolate? 

1. Is eating milk chocolate good for you? 

Answers -Till now you have some clear idea that eating milk chocolate is good for you if it has limitations. Researchers found that 100-gram chocolate is more than enough to reduce the 25% chance of strokes or heart attacks. Although, we recommend eating 30-60 grams of chocolate if you want to consume more than doing regular exercise to burn some calories.

2. Does Dairy Milk chocolate increase weight? 

Answers -Yes, dairy milk chocolate increases weight if you do not limit the consumption. It is because of sugar, fat, and high calories that are mostly found in chocolates. But some amount of chocolate will definitely improve your overall health. Although, dark chocolate is more beneficial than milk chocolates.

3. How much chocolate a day is healthy? 

Answers – As we recommend, 30-60 grams of chocolate per day is more than enough to take some health benefits. Remember, chocolates are filled with high calories so that you need to do exercise if you want to eat more. Otherwise, it damages your teeth and increases your weight day by day.

4. How much chocolate can kill a human? 

Answers – Here comes the fact that anything excess is never going to be good. Same way excess eating of chocolate makes a worse health condition without any benefits. Experts say that 85 full-size chocolate bars daily is more than enough to kill you. So be conscious about that, although it’s rare but happened with chocolate freaks. You need to be happy because Harvard university studies show that people live one extra year who eat 3-5 chocolate bars per month. So just limit the eating and stay healthy with chocolates.

5. Is Dairy Milk chocolate good for weight loss? 

Answers – Yes, Dairy Milk chocolate is good for weight loss. Because chocolate helps to influence our hormones that give our brain a signal that our stomach is full. Moreover, fullness feelings also come from the slow-down process of carb digestion. AS we mention, chocolate contains calories that need exercises to burn. Professional neuroscientists suggested that you keep a small bite of chocolate in your tongue to melt. It will give a feeling of fullness and also help to lose some extra weight.


So these are the all answers about the Benefits Of Dairy Milk Chocolate. Remember, cocoa-filled chocolate is tasty and healthy when it eats with some limitations. If you want to improve your mood, improve your skin, hair, and acne problems then definitely chocolate is an ideal choice for you. Although, the fact is that a high percentage of cocoa in chocolate is more beneficial for overall health. For that, you can eat dark chocolate and also add this food to your healthy diet chart. But dairy milk chocolate is also very good for overall health but not that effective like dark one. Just because of its low cocoa percentage 10%. But still, chocolates are delicious and extremely lovable sweets that are eaten and drunk by a large number of people around the globe. Lastly, we can say that go, buy, and eat some amount of dairy milk chocolate daily to improve your brain and body functions.

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