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Skin is the very first barrier of the body. That’s why there are a lot of skin problems like infections and inflammations occurring in the skin. Skin problems like rosacea and enzyme can occur due to side effects of steroids containing creams. Harsh chemical-based products can enhance the problem more. In this case, Ayurveda which is ancient Indian medicine can give a hugely positive result without getting your (Face) skin any harmless. Ayurvedic medicines for skin can help you to cure your skin. Before choosing the right medicine for your skin you need to know your actual skin types that the treatment suits your skin in a better way. So below is all about the Ayurvedic medicine for skin diseases. It is mainly working on Kapha doshas. Ashwatha or Ficus religiosa is a part of the popular peepal tree. 

Ayurvedic medicine for skin diseases.

Types of skins:-

Ayurveda says there are 3 types of skincare treatment available and mentioned below:-

Vata (wind):- which have very dry and rough skin leads to this part of skincare. They are always prone to wrinkles if they do not use an oil-based moisturizer every day.

Pitta(fire):- People who have very oily skin are part of this group. Because of oily skin, they are very prone to pimples and rosacea. Aloe Vera, sandalwood, turmeric can help a lot this time.

Kapha(water & earth):- People who have cold and oily skin texture belong to this type. They are prone to acne and whiteheads on their faces. Gel-based moisturizer and soothing face masks can help to get rid of these situations.

Ayurvedic medicine for skin diseases

Common skin diseases for Indians.

There are most common skin problem which is cured by ayurvedic medicine are briefly explained below


it occurs because dead cells and bacteria are the cause of many different diseases, which you not want. It mainly happens in teenagers because of hormonal changes. If you do not take anything when what happened for this leaves scars. 


It is a type of many bacterias that may damage your cells badly.  In this condition, people experience silvery skin patches and itchiness. It found on the elbow and knees. This can affect the three doshas which are Vata, pitta, and Kapha.  it can also cause many problems which many people don’t want.  


it is an allergic condition caused by bacteria which includes red bumps and itchiness. Moreover, these doses are caused by dead cells and bacteria of the skin in the form of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.


It is a type of chronic skin inflammation that includes swelling, itchiness, and cracked and flaky skin. So this is a type of redness of skin that includes tiny red and fluid-filled bumps. It is a very chronic problem that is mistaken for acne.


It is a very common skin disease in India that occurs 10 million people every year.  many different problems you face in this situation. Ayurveda says that good food, proper skin care, regular exercise, and sufficient water can solve all skin-related problems very easily. people experience silvery skin patches and itchiness.

Contact dermatitis:-

It is a type of infection that is caused by certain contracting of some things like cosmetics, fragrances, soaps and causes rashes and redness. So keep yourself safe otherwise it will harm you.

Herbal Medicine for Skin Diseases.

Ayurveda suggested that dietary changes can solve the dosha’s imbalance which can help to cure all the skin problems.

Ayurvedic medicine for skin diseases

Ayurvedic compounds and Their Benefits for skin diseases:-

There are lots of ayurvedic compounds available in mother nature. Most of the compounds are used to make medicine for skin diseases. Roles of those compounds in skin diseases mentioned below:- 

Nalpamaradi Keram:-

It is an oil that is made from the different types of fig trees. So try to make your doses minimum as per your health. And impressive for your health and face problems that you may want to remove. Moreover, It is mainly working on different types of foods.

Ashwatha or Ficus religiosa:-

It is a part of the popular peepal tree. Ashwatha is good for your health, more skin diseases solve. Ayurvedic medicine is very good, cool, and amazing for you.

Nimba Kwath:-

It is an ayurvedic supplement that contains various anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds. That’s why it has a huge application on skin infections.

Winsor oil is an ayurvedic medicine that helps to cure skin infection and psoriasis. It has a huge application in making Ayurvedic medicine for skin allergy itching.

Kumkumadi Oil: –

It is one of the most common and useful skincare products available in the market. It helps to reduce acne scars and improve skin completions. It can help to block all the toxins that affect our skin.

Mahathikthakam Ghrita:-

It is a capsule formula that is made from herbal and pure ghee. It is very useful for skin problems like eczema. It is mainly working on doshas. So all these medicines are good for your health until you follow the doses properly.

Ayurvedic Ingredients and Their Benefits on skincare:-

There are a lot of ayurvedic ingredients which are mainly available in Indian forests and have a huge role in skincare.  Some of the ingredients and their applications are mentioned below. Nyagrodha or Ficus benghalensis is the extract of the fig tree which is used for skin care. Its anti-inflammatory compound helps to cure skin damage. It is mainly working on Kapha and pitta doshas. Ayurvedic medicines for skin disease can help to boost the skin healing procedure.

FAQS Of Ayurvedic medicine for skin diseases.

(Q) Which Ayurvedic medicine is best for skin disease?

Answer – Ayurvedic medicines like Formulations & Panchkarma Therapies are best for skin disease. Moreover, it contains several healthy ingredients to protect your skin cells from various attacks and damages.

(Q) Which is the best medicine for skin diseases?

Answer – Dicloxacillin and erythromycin is the best medicine for skin diseases. Which can help to cure all skin problems. It may suffer you from several problems.

(Q) Which plants are used to cure skin diseases?

Answer – Barbados aloe plants are used to cure skin diseases. Moreover, it also helps to cure lots of skin problems like inflammation, sores, silvery scales, and discoloration of the skin.

(Q) What herbs are good for skin problems?

Answer – Calendula, Aloe Vera, Comfrey, Trimeric, Avocado, Neem, etc. are some best herbs for skin problems.


So this is all about the Ayurveda medicine for skin diseases. Let me tell skin problems like, rosacea and enzyme can occur due to side effects of steroids containing creams. But if you have any serious medical use then don’t forget to consult with your nearest doctors.

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