Are Apple Seeds Poisonous to Humans and Side effects?


Are apple seeds poisonous to humans ?. It is the question you are looking for. So in this guide, we talk about these seeds’ nutritional properties. Which gives you a clear idea about whether it’s poisonous or not. apples are a very healthy fruit in this domain which contain a lot of nutrition. It contains lots of healthful compounds including antioxidants, vitamins, and dietary fiber that helps to protect from cancer and other health problems.

“Consuming one apple per day” helps to keep you far from the doctor. This line has been proven to be correct throughout the ages. But when we cut an apple into pieces we noticed tiny black seeds in the core. Apart from the sweet part of the fruit, the black seeds have a different story. Apple seeds are filled with amygdalin, which is unhealthy and damaging for human health. The amygdalin degrades into hydrogen cyanide and it is also an unhealthy thing which needs to keep in mind regularly. But the poisoning power of the cyanide is mild as if someone intentionally assumed lots of seeds.

Are apple seeds poisonous to humans? 

What is cyanide In Apple Seeds? 

So if you want to know are apple seeds poisonous or toxic for you?. Then drop down and go to your answers you get all the information bout it. Cyanide is one of the deadliest poison which is used in the chemical industry and mass suicide. cyanoglycosides filled with cyanides it is a chemical compound that mostly gets on earth. amygdalin is one of them which is present in apple seeds and another which has a strong outer layer that resists digestive enzymes.  

When you accidentally eat the seeds released from your body and produce a chemical called Cyanide. A small amount of Cyanide can be detoxified naturally by the human body but a high amount of toxic even lethal for your body. Swallowing the whole apple seeds does not give you any symptoms.

Are apple seeds poisonous to humans

How cyanide works in the human body?

Seeds have a strong coating that protects amygdalin from digestive juice. The seeds can come to your stomach and make a liquid in it. Now your digestive system works exactly the same way. It is best to take aside the seeds before giving apples to your children or pets. So now you know the exact number of apple seeds that will kill a human.

Effects Of Apple Seeds On Human Body.

When you assume a large number of seeds your symptoms can be visible immediately including:-

  •   seizures,
  •   trembling
  •   shortness of breath,
  •   increased heart rate,
  •   spasm,
  •   low blood pressure,
  •   respiratory failure,

all of which can lead to loss of consciousness.

and eventually, it starts to damage your heart and brain.

Small amounts of cyanide can create problems like:-

  •   nausea,
  •   vomiting,
  •   headache,
  •   stomach cramps,
  •   dizziness,
  •   confusion and weakness.

People should avoid eating seeds like apples, peaches, apricots, and cherries.

The exact amount of the poison that affects the human body may vary from person to person based on the body weight, immunity, and health of the plant. 0.5 to 3.5mg/kg body weight of cyanide is poisonous for the human body. Although 1 gm Apple seeds contain 0.06–0.24 mg of cyanide. apples are a very healthy fruit in this domain which contain a lot of nutrition. So if you want to know that.

Overview of apple seed oil.

Apple Seed Oil is made during the making of apple juice. The presence of amygdalin in apple seed oil is very little. As it has antioxidant components, it is used to reduce acne and pimples and help to make clear skin. Apple seed oil has a sweet aroma that’s why it is mainly used to make beauty and skincare products as well as the perfume industry. Regular use of this makes your skin soft and smooth.

FAQS Of Are apple seeds poisonous 

How many apple seeds will kill a human? 

200 apple seeds are dangerous for the human body. Now note this thing that there are about 5 seeds in each apple. cyanide can damage someone’s heart as well as the brain. One who has a toxic overdose may go to come and meet death also. So keep in mind this to get the best result from it. So now you know that How many apple seeds will kill a human.

How much cyanide is in an apple? 

An apple contains approx 8 seeds. This means this apple contains 3.92 milligrams of cyanide. So keep in mind everything about our topics. Just know what you are actually getting. Your apple contains how many seeds, this kind of stuff you need to know first. This will help to keep you safe from danger.

Can HCN kill you? 

HCN means hydrogen cyanide. According to experts, almost 300mg of HCN can kill a human easily. Nothing really sure about this point, if you want to save from danger., This will help you from various diseases also. None wants problems in their lives. So keep in mind that. So keep in mind what you eat and whatnot. Just know what you are actually getting. 

What is the most toxic vegetable? 

According to the experts, Kale is the most toxic vegetable. Just because it contains more harmful toxins than other vegetables. Excess eating of this food may increase the chances of health problems. Which no one wants in their life. Everybody wants a wealthy and happy life. So keep in mind that also if you want to be safe.


Apple seeds contain amygdalin which makes a toxic substance named Cyanide after reacting with digestive enzymes. It runs into the bloodstream after digestion. A small amount of apple seeds doesn’t harm you because of not enough Cyanide quantity but excessive intake can cause your death. So if you want to know that. apples are a very healthy fruit in this domain which contain a lot of nutrition. So this is all about “Are apple seeds poisonous to humans”. I hope you got all of your answers. If you have any serious medical issues then consult with your doctor first. 

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